Mobile App for emergency help launched in Canterbury

Shirish Paranjape

Christchurch, May 22, 2018

Several members of local community attended the launch of a Mobile App called, ‘Please Help’ in Christchurch last week.

Developed by Paramdip Singh, Director of Special Projects International (formerly Waiariki Institute of Technology), the software in the App sets off an instant alarm with GPS location.

This Free App allows mobile phone users to seek help when in danger or distress and can be programmed to send a message to up to 30 contacts.

Voice-Activated Message

When activated, voice recording begins immediately. Voice recording feature can be turned on or off, based on user choice.

The App transmits a message with a pre-embedded voice message to the recipients, in order to alert them immediately. The App also sends the GPS location of the user, which allows help to be reached to the user as appropriate.

The App can be useful for dairy-owners, managers of retail shops, caregivers, students, delivery persons, taxi drivers and others.

Mr Singh said that the App runs quietly and automatically in the background.

Floating Emergency

“A floating ‘Emergency’ button is available on the active screen of Android smartphones. This will help the user to raise alarm anytime without any need of starting the App. Up to 30 people can be reached simultaneously. Android phone users can download it from Google Store. The App is also available for Apple-iTunes. Users can provide feedback and suggestions for enhancements through the App itself,” Mr Paramdip said.

Shirish Paranjape is our Correspondent in Christchurch. A Justice of the Peace, he is a Member of the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board of the Christchurch City Council.

Photo Caption:

  1. Paramdip Singh displaying his ‘Please Help!’ Mobile App
  2. Paramdip Singh with Christchurch Multicultural Council President Dr Surinder Tandon and Shirish Paranjape
  3. A closer view of the Mobile App

(Pictures by Shirish Paranjape)

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