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Auckland, July 21, 2018
A new app to promote wellbeing and health has just been launched in Auckland.
Called ‘Chit Yog Sadhana,’ the app it would appease people seeking total wellness.
Developer Dr S. Ajit (BAMS) sand that ‘Chit Yog Sadhana’ is based on the ancient principles of holistic wellbeing, gives answer to all those who have tried various ways to solve their physical, mental and emotional ailments but are not able to succeed.
The elusive Wellbeing
“Due of our busy lives, no one wants to fall sick so we search for different ways to stay healthy. Some of us go to the gym and fight with the machines or will start running three to five kilometres every day. Some will measure how much carbohydrates, proteins and fats they eat at each meal and some will only eat raw vegetables to stay healthy. Others may take various forms of meditation and yoga asana to overcome their problems, either physical, mental or emotional,” he said.
But despite these efforts, total wellbeing eludes us, he said.
“The reason is simple. Until a complete, holistic approach is followed with discipline and regularity, total wellness will elude us,” he added.
Understanding the problems
“Chit Yog Sadhana helps people solve their physical, mental and emotional ailments but are not able to succeed. The app helps us understand that problems start when we lose the connection with our inner consciousness, or Chit and unless we are able to remove these coverings, we will keep suffering,” Dr Ajit said.
Practical Steps
He said that Chit Yog Sadhana gives a practical, step-by-step guide to remove these coverings.
At the beginning, users complete a questionnaire to determine their physical, mental and emotional state. The result will determine their entry point to the programme;
Each stage of the programme will ask users to complete a number of tasks to enhance their health and connect to their Chit. At each stage, their efforts will be monitored;
On completion of a stage the app will assesses how effectively they have incorporated these tasks into their lives. If successful, the next stage will be opened for. If unsuccessful, users will repeat a section of the stage.
Six Stage-Programme
There are six stages in this programme. Stages 1-3 are free. There is a small fee after this point to move deeper into the programme.
The App can be downloaded on Android (iPhone version shortly) at Google Play Store (
For further information, please contact Dr S Ajit on 021 913 625; Email:
(Photo of Dr S Ajit from file)

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