Model of the Fortnight

Nothing ventured, nothing lost, and nothing gained

It happens all the time- the young mind reaches out to the stars, letting the wings of imagination soar to great heights of fame, status and perhaps even power.

Flying high, these young minds also give vent to their ambitions, inspired by their peers, parents, friends and even competitors.

Seeking higher horizons comes naturally to Nazmeen Karsan Prema, our Model of the Fortnight, for, she studied Aviation last year in the hope of becoming a pilot.

But destiny and perhaps her own proclivities may have a different path carved for her.

The 19-year-old woman does not like to take risks but admits that there are times when venturing into the unknown could be fun.

Showcasing heritage

“It is not easy for me to undertake risks but participating in Miss Indianz 2016 offers a unique opportunity to explore the world and showcase my Indian culture and heritage. I am hoping that the forthcoming competition would further my interests in the field of fashion and heritage,” she said.

Nazmeen is also upbeat about her life in New Zealand.

Life outside her family has given given her an opportunity to organise herself in life, look forward to a career and be independent.

She has a good circle of friends.

“They are truly amazing and always keen to ensure that I do not feel lonely,” she said. My Mission in life is to make a positive difference in the lives of others, in every way I can. I look forward to Miss Indianz 2016 with hope and ambition,” she said.

“I am passionate about myself and hope to make my dreams come true someday. I am also confident of being a successful model,” she added.

Pictures of Nazmeen Karsan Prema were taken by Miguel Ilagan Photography, Craig P and Andrew Bignal.

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