Name and shame bad food for Awards

Bad Taste Food Awards open for nominations

Sue Chetwin

Consumer NZ wants nominations for its Bad Taste Food Awards.

The Awards highlight food companies marketing their products as better choices than they really are.

False Claims

Consumer NZ research regularly uncovers foods masquerading as nutritionally superior options, from gourmet salt to sugar-laden breakfast cereals.

We are inviting consumers to join us in naming and shaming food marketers’ claims to put pressure on companies to clean up their act.

This is the second year Consumer NZ has run the awards.

In 2016, Nutri-Grain was among the winners, singled out for being marketed as a healthier option even though it was more than a quarter sugar.

Other winners included 98% Almond-Free Almond Milk, Gatorade and Powerade Sports drinks with their sizeable sugar hits, and Heinz Little Kids Fruit & Veg Shredz, which were nearly 70% sugar.

Nominations for this year’s awards can be made online at


Nominations close Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

About Consumer NZ

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But we are not government-funded and we do not take advertising, so we are heavily reliant on revenue generated from membership to fund our work and get New Zealanders a fairer deal.

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