National commits to more primary teachers

Auckland, July 29, 2018
National Party Leader Simon Bridges has announced National’s commitment to increasing the number of primary teachers to reduce class sizes and give children more teacher time.
The following is an extract of his speech at the Party’s Annual Conference held in Auckland today (Sunday, July 29, 2018).
Overcoming Challenges
With the right education, we can overcome the challenges that some children face purely because of the circumstances in which they were born.
There is one thing every child needs to help them achieve their potential, from the one that struggles to sit still and follow instructions to the bright child that wants to be challenged to the gifted child that doesn’t know how to channel their talent.
And that is attention from one of New Zealand’s world class teachers who can cater to the needs of each child, and spend more time with each of them.
More teachers means more attention for our kids at a stage of life when they need it most.
To achieve their potential and reach their dreams our kids need less Facebook and more face time with teachers.
Smaller classes
National is committed to delivering that by putting more teachers in schools to ensure smaller class sizes for our children.
We are also committed to attracting more teachers and ensuring they are highly respected professionals in our communities. Part of that is pay, and it is about conditions such as class sizes and the investment we put into teachers to deliver quality learning to our children.
National would spend the next two years working with teachers, parents and communities on the details of the policy, along with the others it will take to the electorate in 2020.
Preparing to govern
Unlike our opponents, we will be prepared for Government.
We have got a multi-year process to run the ruler over our existing policies, and propose new ones for 2020.
This year is about listening to our communities, next year about getting feedback on the ideas we put forward and 2020 about delivering the concrete plans that show New Zealanders we are ready to lead.
We will make every day count.
National will bring strong leadership, the best ideas and the ability to make a difference.
I am backing New Zealanders and I’m starting with our children.
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