National gaining popularity in Kelston

Bala (Venu) Beeram

Last Sunday (July 9), I met with Prime Minister Bill English to campaign at the local flea market in Avondale. We received a lot of positive comments from the shoppers, as the PM and I went around and met everyone.

It was nice to meet people from different ethnic backgrounds, and learn about what they want the Government to do to make New Zealand a better country. Everyone was pleased with the new budget announcement and especially our Family Incomes Package.

Engagement with youth

A few days ago, I was invited to speak about politics at St Johns youth cadets in Henderson. The blue and gold cadets are trying to earn their community awareness badge, which means they have to understand how a city runs under a specific parliamentary ruling.

I talked to them about what a politician does, how I got to where am, and why I am running to be the MP for Kelston. In return, the children, aged from 9-19, asked me some incredibly interesting questions from how I feel about Donald Trump to who I like more, John Key or Bill English.

It was really nice to see the future generation be so interested in politics and how well-formed their ideas about politics are.

As a new candidate, I am trying to understand what matters to the people of Kelston.

Kelston concerns

I have been meeting with different people, from different ethnic backgrounds and suburbs within our electorate. It is such a rewarding feeling when people tell you that they have seen your posters, fliers or your car traveling around the area.

The main issues for people in Kelston seem to be the need for more police to respond to aggravated assaults, traffic congestion and unemployment.

The community wants more jobs available in Kelston, and business owners looking at employing more people from the area. I also met with the Rosebank Road business owners to discuss this matter.

Our local Police District will benefit from 73 more police staff as part of National’s Safer Communities Package. This will see more officers on patrol, faster response times and improved crime prevention.

Waterview Tunnel

National is also investing in reducing traffic congestion across Auckland. The new Waterview Tunnel is already seeing commutes shortened by up to 20 minutes and is taking cars off our suburban streets. Our strong investment in the City Rail Link will also see our area benefit from higher train frequencies, making it easier to get to and from work and school.

We are also making big gains in employment, with job growth remaining high. Our forward-looking economic plan will see international exports grow, more jobs and higher wages – things that are very important to our community.

Motivating moves

It motivates me more to keep going, as more and more people are recognising me and what I stand for. I have also noticed that a lot of people are happy with National’s performance under the leadership of Mr English.

I am proud to be part of a party that is delivering for New Zealanders and will continue advocating strongly for the people of Kelston.


Photo :

Bala (Venu) Beeram campaigning in Kelston with (from left) Uday Mamidi, Murali Annu and Devender Chanderi

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