National promises more funding for PHARMAC

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Auckland, September 16, 2020

Dr Shane Reti (National Party Health Spokesperson)

The National Party has promised funding for PHARMAC if elected to form the next government.

Health Spokesperson Dr Shane Reti said that the funding would include $50 million per year for Cancer drug, $20 million over four years for rare disorders, Increasing PHARMAC funding at the same rate as increases in the health budget, adding about $35 million per year, increasing each year.

The best model

“National believes that the PHARMAC model is the best way to ensure New Zealanders are accessing much-needed medication. When last in government, we increased funding by an average of $24 million per year. These increases led to 800,000 more Kiwis getting improved access to medicine,” he said.

Dr Reti said that New Zealanders should not have to pack up their lives and go to other countries for Cancer treatment.

“New Zealanders should not have to mortgage their houses, set up a Givealittle page or take out massive loans to be able to afford medicines which are funded in other countries. National is committing an extra $200 million over four years for Cancer medicines. The sad reality is that most New Zealand families will be affected by Cancer,” he said.

No discrimination

Dr Reti said that Cancer does not discriminate when it chooses its victims and that all New Zealanders should have the ability to access potentially life-saving drugs.

“We are also making a concerted effort to address rare disorders, with a special fund that will widen the range of drugs available and ensure that people suffering from rare diseases are not overlooked.  National will continue to review the level of funding PHARMAC requires and make sure it is receiving the funding it needs to deliver for New Zealanders,” he said.

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