Nepalese begin Dashain Festival 2076 tonight

Nepalese begin Dashain Festival 2076 tonight

Tickets at $20 per person available
Venkat Raman
Auckland, October 5, 2019

Celebrated Nepali Singer Sugam Pokharel at Auckland Airport yesterday (Facebook)

The Nepali community in Auckland will join the rest of the world in marking the first day of their grand ‘Dashain Festival 2076’ tonight.

Organised by the New Zealand Nepal Soceity (NZNS) of Auckland, the event will be held at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School (Howe Street) from  5 pm.

Tickets, priced at $20 can be purchased at the venue. They are limited and hence those interested should be there early.

The Programme will include an inspiring speech by Peter Hillary, son of Sir Edmund Hillary whose, ascent of Mount Everest is considered a historic event.

Among the other Guests of Honour would be Members of Parliament Michael Wood, Melissa Lee, Dr Parmjeet Parmar and Priyanca Radhakrishnan.

Throughout his life, Sir Edmund maintained a strong relationship with the people of Nepal and India and devoted much of his life in community service through the ‘Himalayan Trust,’ building schools, hospitals, bridges, an airstrip and much more.

New Zealand Nepal Society President Dinesh Khadka (Facebook)

New Zealand-Nepal Relations

NZNS President Dinesh Khadka described the active link between New Zealand and Nepal is far higher than the ascent of Sir Edmund and Tenzing Norgay on Friday, May 29, 1953.

“This remarkable endeavour has contributed to the establishment of a unique relationship, bringing New Zealand and Nepal together intimately, resulting in close cooperation between the two countries, not only at a governmental level but also individually and sentimentally. New Zealand and Nepal are partners in trade, tourism, and in academic and professional fields,” he said.

Mr Khadka said that the Nepali population has been rising in New Zealand and currently accounts for 10,000 in Auckland alone.

About Year 2076

The Nepali Calendar is also known as ‘Bikram Sambat Nepali Calendar.’

It is approximately 56 years and eight months ahead of the Gregorian Calendar. The Nepali Calendar is also known as ‘Nepali Patro.’ In Nepal, the New Year commences on or about April 14 (similar to the five States in South India). Since the number of days in a month are not fixed (similar to the Hindu Calendar), they vary from year to year.

About Dashain Festival

Dashain, also known as Bijaya (Vijaya) Dashami, is the grandest, longest and most auspicious Festival in Nepal. It takes place in Nepali Ashwin month (September to October of the Gregorian Calendar) and lasts for 15 days.

Similar to the Chinese Spring Festival, Dashain is celebrated throughout Nepal as a symbol of the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. The Goddess is thus also known as Mahishasura Mardhini.

Nepalese also celebrate the Festival praying for the fertility of their Motherland and a year of good harvest.

About New Zealand Nepal Society

Established under the patronage of Sir Edmund on August 30, 1995, the New Zealand Nepal Society is a non-profit organisation entirely supported by voluntary services of its members, living in various parts of New Zealand.

NZNS is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic organisation represented by people of various ethnicities in New Zealand and Nepal. As a member of multiple ethnic organisations of NZNS plays an active role to promote racial harmony within New Zealand.

Now in its 65th year, the Society aims to preserve the social and cultural heritage of Nepal, support and encourage cooperation amongst individuals of Nepali descent in matters of common concern in New Zealand and promote harmony and understanding amongst its members and other ethnic groups.

“Our Society also promotes educational, environmental and social services. Tonight’s programme will include comedy, dance and music by famous Nepalese artistes. Among the highlights is the collaboration with the Nepal New Zealand Friendship Soceity of Canterbury based in Christchurch and the Non-Residential Nepalese Association New Zealand,” Mr Khadka said.

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