New Chair for Immigration Tribunal Chair

The government has appointed Judge Carrie Wainwright to chair Immigration and Protection Tribunal, succeeding Judge W K (Bill) Hastings, who will sit full-time in the District Court.

Attorney-General Christopher Finlayson announced the decision on February 27.

Prior to her appointment to the Bench, Judge Wainwright was a partner in Buddle Findlay. She was appointed as a Maori Land Court Judge in 2000 and served on the Waitangi Tribunal for ten years, including six years as the Deputy Chairperson.

Judge Wainwright was on the District Court Bench in Wellington.

Established under the Immigration Act 2009, the Immigration and Protection Tribunal is an independent body to hear applications and appeals related to residence class visas, deportation (including appeals on the facts and humanitarian grounds) and claims to be recognised as a refugee or as a ‘protected person.’

The Tribunal is administered by the Justice Ministry and chaired by a District Court Judge, appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Attorney-General.

The Governor General also appoints 16 other members on the recommendation of the Minister.

A notification said that the Tribunal is currently considering residence appeals lodged in December 2011.

“The Tribunal considers appeals in the order that they are received,” it said.

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