New legislation to improve land transport

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The National Party came in to government (in November 2008) promising that we will improve quality of our regulations by amending and updating legislation to strengthen public safety, facilitate business growth and increase productivity of our economy.

Recently, the National party government introduced the ‘Land Transport Amendment Bill’ to Parliament.

The Bill aims to fulfil our promises and strengthen the legislation relating to alcohol interlocks, the framework for managing public transport fare evasion and create more effective deterrents to reduce the incidence of fleeing drivers.

Important changes

The Bill will also make changes to heavy vehicle regulation and a regulatory process for small passenger services.

It will make practical, minor amendments to ensure that Land Transport Act 1998 operates as intended by Parliament.

The Bill will enable better innovative, small passenger services to deliver benefits to consumers while managing safety risks.

It will introduce mandatory alcohol interlock sentences for repeat offenders and first time drink-drive offenders with high alcohol levels.

It will create more effective deterrents to reduce the numbers of fleeing drivers.

It will strengthen the framework for managing evasion of public transport fares.

The legislation is part of ongoing efforts to create better, more effective regulation that works for New Zealand.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi has been a Member of Parliament on National List from November 2008. He is also Chairman of Parliament’s Select Committee on Law & Order.

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