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Venkat Raman

Venkat Raman

Auckland, November 22, 2020

‘Sangam’ will be launched as a quarterly in January 2021

Poets, scribes, people of lore and literary enthusiasts have been invited to contribute, read and share a new magazine being launched in January 2021.

‘Sangam,’ will be a quarterly online magazine, featuring articles and literary works in Urdu, Hindi and English with Mohammed Rais Alvi as the Editor-in-Chief.

Adnan Mirza, known to the Urdu and Hindi-speaking world as a promoter of quality events including Mushairas, Kavi Sammelans and Ghazals, and hosting bards and writers at his home and elsewhere, will be the Managing Editor.

The quarterly publication will have the experience and expertise of Farah Rais Alvi as the Editor of the English Section, Dr Waqar Qureshi as the Editor of the Urdu Section and Preeta Vyas as the Editor of the Hindi Section.

Invitation to writers and poets

“We invite writers, poets and other contributors from all over the world to contribute their creations. These can be articles relevant to the literary field, short stories, poems, ghazals and similar material. The deadline for the January 2021 issue is December 15, 2020,” Mr Mirza said.

These can be sent as follows:
Urdu Contributions:
Hindi Contributions:
English Contributions:

Articles should be as follows:

Format: MS Word
Font: Unicode (Hindi), Nastaleeq (Urdu), Calibri English) All 10 point
Word Limit: 900 words (Story, Afsaaana, Article); One article or poetry per entry
Topic: Anything not controversial; literary and creative writing preferred  

Confluence of people

The magazine aims to unite people across religions, ethnicities and other manmade divisions. Politics will clearly be avoided in ‘Sangam.’

As the name indicates, ‘Sangam’ is confluence- which can be of oceans, seas, rivers and people.

It therefore aims to be a bridge among cultures, traditions, languages and people.

Adnan Mirza, Farah Alvi and Professor Mohammed Rais Alvi at ‘Ek Sham Rais Alvi Ke Naam’ held at the residence of Mr Mirza on December 21, 2018 (INL File Photo) 

Professor Mohammed Rais Alvi

‘Sangam’ should consider itself fortunate to have Professor Mohammed Rais Alvi as its Editor-in-Chief, who is regarded as a man of integrity and letters.

A Sahitya Academy Award winner from Pakistan, his services to communities and Urdu literature have been acknowledged and celebrated in many parts of the world including Pakistan, New Zealand and Australia.

An eminent Urdu poet and Educationist, Professor Alvi has been a stalwart in supporting the cause of education and is dedicated to bringing the light of education to the world.

At an Auckland event reported by Indian Newslink, Professor Alvi said that language strengthens the human bond and people who are able to converse in more than one language can widen their circle of friends, thereby promoting goodwill and harmony.

Professor Alvi has served as Vice Chancellor, Rector and Director of various national Universities and degree awarding institutes. He has also worked as an Additional Secretary (Education), Government of Sindh, as Registrar at Karachi University and the Executive District Officer (EDO) Karachi. He has been a Professor over the years at various educational institutes in Pakistan and in Japan where he was a Guest Professor at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Profiles of Managing Editor, Editors of the three Language Sections and Assistant Editors will appear in our next report.

About Sangam

Mr Mirza said that Sangam is a non-political, non-religious and non-commercial organisation, established in response to the need to retain the language and culture of South Eastern migrants.

“Sangam works to connect immigrants and natives of South East Asia on a global scale. It uses the modern form of technology to interact and communicate amongst people virtually,” he said.

Mr Mirza said that Sangam has been working to connect the cultural icons to the new generations settled overseas with programmes such as ‘Adab Arz’ (by Farah Alvi), ‘Mere Humsukhan’ (Preeta Vyas) and ‘Ek Sham Rishi Ke Nam’ (by Dr Yousuf Hayat Qureshi).

“The Organisation has revived the literary works by famous writers including Saadat Hasan Manto, Munshi Prem Chand, Ismat Chughtai, Krishan Chandar and Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi in Afsaanistan, recited by famous actress Uzma Gillani. It is continuously bringing the famous poetry in to light digitally on Facebook and YouTube channel of Sangam. It has also initiated to bring the writings of our young talent alongside with our experienced writers in Sangam magazine,” he said.

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