New measures to attract Indian students

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is working with Education New Zealand to develop a partnership agreement to strengthen the framework of the New Zealand Specialist Agents (NZSA) programme.

Undertaken as a part of the efforts to deliver higher quality service to the education sector, the initiative would enable INZ to foster its network with specialist agents and lift the confidence of the education industry.

The partnership agreement will see an enhanced role for INZ in the operation of the NZSA programme, and increase the department’s ability to provide incentives to NZSA agents.

This would in turn result in improving the quality of students seeking to enter New Zealand.

India on priority

According to Education New Zealand, a Crown entity, India has become the third largest source country for international students in New Zealand.

“This is a priority market for New Zealand and we appreciate that here is a high level of engagement and interest in marketing in India from education providers. We are keen to provide opportunities for all stakeholders to market collectively to Indian students,” a notification said.

The organisation will conduct Education Fairs in September 2012 in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi in India and in Sri Lanka.

“We hope this will make it a trip to India a very viable option for education providers, with opportunities to market across three cities in India and to combine with Sri Lanka. The exact dates for the Fairs in September are still to be determined,” officials said.

Education New Zealand will also engage in a range of marketing activities and support for export education options in India between now and September.

“The idea is to continuously raise the profile of New Zealand as an education destination and a source of institutional relationships.”

The marketing activities include (1) an Aviation Cluster visit and market research between now and June (2) a promotional campaign online and in media in April and May to feed into decisions students made by students (3) participating in the Hindu education fairs in Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi and Bangalore in May (4) organising an inbound high school principal visit to New Zealand in May.

Other initiatives include a high school Twenty20 cricket competition in Mumbai or Chennai in April to coincide with New Zealand players in the IPL and a Specialist Agent Workshop in June.

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