New team at Dunedin Tamil Society

New team at Dunedin Tamil Society

Venkat Raman
Auckland, August 15, 2020

Members of the new Executive Committee of the Dunedin Tamil Society

Dr Nivethanan Kamalendran was elected to the post of President of the Dunedin Tamil Society by members at their Annual General Meeting held on July 26, 2020.

Among the others elected to various posts are Dr Rajesh Katare (Vice-President), Hemachandran Rajamanicam (Secretary) and Jawahar Murugesan (Treasurer).

Balamurugan Thangaphazam, Collin Charles, Prince Paulraj, Luxmanan Selvanesan, Ramakrishnan Mani and Tarun Prakash Perumal were elected as Members of the Executive Committee.

“We would like to thank Past President Lux Selvanesan for his hard work, dedication, sincerity and leadership shown to run the Dunedin Tamil Society. We are grateful for his commitment and sacrifice over the past four years,” Dr Nivethanan said.

Commitment and Service

In an earlier statement, he said that a majority of the Dunedin Tamil Society community are full-time employed or are studying, and yet contributed their time and energy to make this event happen.

“It is amazing to see how the Association, which started as ‘Dunedin Tamil Friends,’ has grown big today, and I am sure that our community will continue to grow, transform and gather more and more strength in the coming years. Our only goal, objective and passion is to make our people feel at home away from home,” he said.

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