Online education reaches home screens in Fiji

But mVuli Project needs financial and material support

Swami Tadananda
Nadi, Fiji, June 4, 2020

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The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has had a huge impact on the delivery of education worldwide.

Most First World countries have used their online education platforms to continue to deliver education to students at home.

It seems that online education will continue to play an important role in future education programmes.

Ramakrishna Mission piloted its e-learning programmes in 2010 at Swami Vivekananda College.

Over time, many other schools took initiative to develop their ICT infrastructure.

The digital challenge

However, they all faced the challenge of developing quality digital educational content.

To help these schools, Ramakrishna Mission undertook a F$250,000 project to develop an online portal to make available high-quality curriculum to interested students, teachers, and schools.

After all, Maths and Sciences curriculum are basically the same in all countries.

These digital contents are provided to only to complement the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.  At the same time, students have the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Swami Tadananda

The mVuli Services

We are happy to inform that mVuli – the Fijian online education project of Ramakrishna Mission is now fully operational.

You may visit the site at This has become very useful in the coronavirus crisis when students and teachers are not able to go to schools.

Currently, the mVuli portal has the following features and services:

Secondary Level Curriculum: High quality Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology courses for Years 9-13 are available free of charge to all secondary students and teachers who have registered on

mVuli allows parents to can login and follow the progress of their children and support their learning process.

Virtual School: Any school can apply to register and replicate itself online in the same way the teachers, students, subjects are setup in their school.

Many countries are moving towards integrating online curriculum into their education system.

Fiji Mcurriculum Development: Once their school is registered, the teachers can easily upload their own teaching lessons for their students. They can also collaborate among themselves and other schools to produce and share better quality lessons.

Virtual Classrooms: mVuli also offers Virtual Classroom functionality to teachers of registered schools to conduct interactive audio-visual classes for their students from their homes or schools.

This is very useful in the current situation.

Case for Primary Level Curriculum on mVuli: During the Covid-19 crisis, many schools and parents requested for the primary school curriculum. Accordingly,

we negotiated to acquire the full Primary school curriculum from our suppliers Learnetic at a special price of F$100,000.

This is 20% of their original cost of $500,000!

Apart from the Primary school Mathematics and Sciences curriculum, the package includes Year 1-6 Interactive Primary Mathematics Curriculum based on the renowned system used in Finland.

With an additional cost of about $10,000 for integrating the new Primary School curriculum into the mVuli platform, the project will cost F$110,000.

With the inclusion of this Primary curriculum, mVuli would be able to offer the whole range of high-quality online curriculum right from year 1 to year 13.

Over time, this project will help improve the quality of education in Fiji and empower the students, teachers, and parents.

We wish to leverage the mVuli platform to expand the scope of education to include important areas such as (1) Emotional and Mental health, (2) Value Education (3) Spiritual education

Request for support

The mVuli crisis has shown that Online education will continue to play a prominent part in education in the future. We seek your generous support to this second phase of the mVuli project to enable us to provide a comprehensive online curriculum to all Fijians.

You may donate online for education or through


About mVuli Project

mVuli is Ramakrishna Mission’s  global initiative to provide high quality and holistic education for Fijians accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime at a highly subsidised and affordable price.

mVuli is an online school for Fiji. It brings directly to students the world’s most comprehensive digital K-12 curriculum  in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology from year 9 to year 13. Our youth of today will compete on the global platform. We wish to empower them with the high standard education required for their success.

mVuli will also support interested schools with ready made interactive e-Content for their eLearning in classrooms. This highly cost effective online content does away with the need for developing own content, servers, IT personnel etc. 

Students and parents can directly access these on their devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). Comprehensive reports to monitor progress in real-time are available in students, parents and teachers

Swami Tadananda is the Head of Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre of Auckland. Known for his erudition and concern for the poor, he has earned the respect and attention of not only the supporters and volunteers of the Ramakrishna Mission worldwide but also of members of various communities. He lives in Nadi, Fiji.

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