Oporto enters new phase with change of guard

Venkat Raman

One of the most popular chain of restaurants has just changed hands to offer stronger brand value and quality food to New Zealanders.

Lawrence and Eric Pereira, who have achieved significant milestones in the retail industry for almost three decades have recently established ‘Oporto Franchising New Zealand,’ the Master Franchisee for Oporto in New Zealand.

Oporto enters new- The Pereira familyThe association of the couple, known for their hard work, honesty, integrity and fairness will enhance the brand value of a name that has been serving millions of visitors to food courts in shopping malls and standalone outlets for more than 15 years.

Service veterans

The Pereiras are veterans in the retail industry with experience in a variety of products and services, standing testimony to which is a petrol station on Lincoln Road in the West Auckland suburb of Henderson. As a media expert, Mr Pereira also understands and appreciates the significance of branding, marketing and customer service.

They described the establishment of the new enterprise as ‘an exciting phase’ in their career, saying that Oporto has gained ground in New Zealand thanks to the loyalty of customers, high quality products and importantly the commitment to quality of individual franchisees operating outlets throughout the country.

Quality association

“To thousands of New Zealanders, Oporto is a name associated with quality food with variety and taste as special ingredients. As we express our gratitude to our staff and franchise operators, we wish to assure our customers of our continued efforts to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. We are confident of taking this brand to new heights of popularity through better service and expansion programme,” Mr Pereira said.

He said that Oporto is a strong brand with a New Zealand proven franchise model, which offers a secured and assured system. The key differences of Oporto from other brands are premium product offer, a solid support team and proven brand loyalty.

Oporto enters new-Lawrence and Erica PereiraIn reporting their Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary in our June 1, 2015 issue, we had carried the excerpts of a speech by their friend and local businessman Wenceslaus Anthony.

He had eulogised their mutual love and understanding as he proposed a toast.

“Lawrence and Erica symbolise trust and confidence that are vital for the success of any partnership, more so in a family relationship. They have kept their faith in God and in their children as they faced life and its challenges,” he had said.

High Achiever

Mr Pereira is far from the ordinary man that he appears to be; a thorough professional, he is a planner and an achiever. He does not promise what he cannot deliver and suffers neither insolence nor mediocrity.

A product of the Bombay University (graduate in Commerce), his qualifications in Advertising and Marketing launched his career with Godrej Foods Limited, while his advanced studies in Theology made him a finer human being.

Oporto Franchising New Zealand Limited has the benefit of his expertise, experience, dedication and most important of all, loyalty, creating a unique chemistry and synergy that foster high standards of professionalism.

“Hard work and honesty must co-exist and complement each other; and loyalty underscores any relationship,” he said.

His affable manners and friendly disposition saw him in several positions in well-known companies including Fairfax (as Business Development Manager); his training in Dubai and Sydney about ten years ago in delivering unique digital media solutions as POP (Point of Sale) was a turning point in his life and career.

Brand strength

The Pereiras have done extensive research before venturing into Oporto business.

“We are confident that our unique fresh-not frozen, grilled-not fried, chicken and burgers will continue to have strong appeal amongst the ever growing health conscious consumers in New Zealand,” they said.

Oporto began its impressive journey in 1986 with the opening of its first store in North Bondi (a Sydney suburb). Its ‘Bondi Burger’ became an iconic offering and a relentless focus on super fresh products, fantastic service coupled with Oporto’s legendary secret sauces, helped the brand carve a unique place for itself in the fast food industry.

First Franchise

Oporto’s opened its first franchised store in 1996, and since then franchising has become a key element in Oporto’s success. The group currently consists of 131 stores with more than 98% under franchise ownership and many multiple store operators.

Mr Pereira said that the Oporto brand has experienced significant growth in the last five years and has a bright future with franchising the primary strategy for sustained growth globally.

Anthony Reynolds, Head of Oporto International based in Australia said, “Lawrence and Erica have our 100% support and we look forward to working with them to build a strong and profitable Oporto business in New Zealand.

“Now is a critical time for us to focus on giving the Oporto Brand the opportunity to grow quicker and faster in New Zealand,” he added.


Oporto Franchising New Zealand Limited (Oporto) is the Sponsor of the ‘Business Excellence in Retail Trade’ Category of the Eighth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2015


The Oporto Story

Key Milestones:

1986: First store opened in North Bondi

1995: The first franchise launched

2001: 20th franchise opened

2002: Expansion into Queensland and Victoria; Entry into New Zealand

2003: 50th store opens

2005: ‘Fastest growing food franchise’ rating by Business Review Weekly; First store in South Australia

2006: First drive thru store

2008: 100th franchise store; New branding strategy and first TV advertisement

2009: First drive thru training store in Sydney

2012: First store in Perth

Today: With over 130 stores across Australia and New Zealand and backed by Quick Service Restaurant Holdings, Oporto is well positioned for continued growth and focused on delivering our famous fresh-not-frozen, grilled-not-fried flavour on both sides of the Tasman



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