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It is now easier to get your Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate online.

Previously, only historical birth and death records could be easily ordered online, meaning that Certificates for births that occurred over 100 years ago. Death certificates could only be obtained for deaths that occurred at least 50 years ago, or if the deceased’s date of birth was at least 80 years ago.

It is now possible to easily get certificates of more recent Births and Deaths.

Multiple copies of different types of certificates can be ordered at the same time.

So far, over 43,000 certificates have been ordered online.

Registrar-General Births, Deaths and Marriages Jeff Montgomery said that the ability to order a Certificate easily online is important for those who need a paper document.

Important Documents

“Birth and Death certificates are more useful than people might think. Students applying for a student loan may need to supply a copy of their Birth Certificate, and they can order one quickly and easily online. Families tidying up the affairs of a loved one, or individuals researching their family histories, can apply for copies of Death Certificates the same way,” he said.

Sharing information

It is also possible to share information between organisations online, allowing Kiwis to interact with government how and when they want.

Parents registering their baby using SmartStart (www.smartstart.services.govt.nz) can go one step further and consent to the birth record being shared digitally between the Department of Internal Affairs, the Ministry for Social Development, and Inland Revenue.

“This means, they do not have to buy a Birth Certificate and can access services from these agencies much faster, including the $60 a week Best Start grant which is available for all new-borns,” Mr Montgomery said.

He said that people are increasingly doing their day-to-day tasks online, like banking or online shopping.

“We want our services to be just as easy, accessible, and approachable. Going online can mean less time is spent on the phone, at a counter, or mailing paper forms,” he said.

Passport Renewal

Along with ordering Death and Birth Certificates, Kiwis can also renew their passport, obtain their Marriage Licence and Certificate, and apply for Citizenship online.

For more information about certificates and other Department of Internal Affairs online life event services, visit



Image Source: www.govt.nz


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