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Worldwide empathy, prayers and support to India

Venkat Raman
Auckland, May 1, 2021

As India continues to battle with the rising number of Covid-19 cases, governments and people across the world have stepped up their support and assistance with money and supplies.

For the past ten days, every conversation with people of Indian origin has begun with genuine concern and empathy for ‘families and friends back home.’ Members of Parliament, leaders of political parties – everyone in fact – have expressed their solidarity and sympathy.

With the total number of Covid-19 cases registering a record 386,452 on April 30, 2021, taking the total number to 18.7 million, second only to the United States of America since the pandemic began early last year, there is cause for concern. Compounding the problem is the reported shortage of oxygen cylinders, hospital beds and equally worse, shortage of facilities to cremate the dead.

Time to work together

This is no time to point accusing fingers or criticise the government or the public health system for failings; it is time to stand together, display solidarity and search for ways and means of helping the world’s largest democracy and its people who are reeling under the devastating effects of the pandemic.

Indian associations have started efforts to collect funds or supplies to be sent to affected States in India, which is laudable. Most of them have planned to set apart a part or all of the proceeds of events being organised in the coming weeks. Temples, Mosques, Gurdwaras, Churches and other places of worship are offering prayers to the people of India.

As we have mentioned in our Leader, we are pained to listen from our families and friends in India of the anxiety and despair that they are experiencing; they say that the country has been betrayed by its own people. The best hope for dampening the second wave is to vaccinate more.

We pray for our brothers and sisters and hope that the world will come together in helping India come out of one of its worst nightmares.

Our May 1, 2021 Edition

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With prayers and hope,
The Indian Newslink Team

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