Party Leaders launch our Election pages

John Key and Phil Goff 1.jpgGeneral Election 2010 may be 18 months or 18 fortnights or 18 weeks away but as per its past practice, Indian Newslink invited the leaders of the two main political parties last fortnight to its offices to launch Electionlink.

Prime Minister John Key opened the first-ever page for Election 2011 on June 10, 2010, in the presence of Ministers Tim Groser (Trade), Maurice Williamson (Small Business), Pansy Wong (Ethnic Affairs), Auckland Mayor John Banks, National Members of Parliament, Party officials and a number of supporters.

Mr Key paid tributes to Indian Newslink, saying that the publication was an important channel of communication and a bridge between the people and the Government.

“The newspaper has progressed well over the years and the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards (IBA) has become a significant event, encouraging businesses to perform better. My Government will continue to provide incentives and programmes for the betterment of the business community and New Zealanders,” he said.

Labour Leader Phil Goff was with us on June 25, 2010, along with several Labour MPs, Party officials and supporters to launch another page of Electionlink.

“I have had the pleasure of attending a number of meetings organised by Indian Newslink over the past 11 years, including the IBA Awards Night held in November 2009. These Awards have become an essential part of the Indian business community in New Zealand,” he said.

Indian Newslink and Radio Tarana will conduct a number of opinion polls leading up to Election 2011.

Electionlink will also incorporate the upcoming Mayoral Election for Auckland Super City and cover other cities as well.

Indian Newslink readers can look forward to exclusive articles from the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Ministers, MPs, Mayors and experts in our ensuing editions.

Our five-page Electionlink Special begins on Page 6.

Photo: Two leaders behind a great democratic Nation. Prime Minister John Key and Opposition Leader Phil Goff at the office of Indian Newslink on two separate days last fortnight. Picture and Digital Morphing by Narendra Bedekar.

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