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The world may have gone digital and photography simplified with cameras doing thinking and shooting. Some would say that with smart phones, no one needs a camera. However, not everyone and not every camera can commit events and incidents to endearing memories. Beyond all that technology, there is a need for professionals to capture those special moments. We have seen the entry of scores of photographers within the community over the past five years and some of them have given vent to their creativity in other forms of visual art, including advertisements, website design and inimitable graphic work. It was through our reader and well-wisher Pravin Daryani, Chief Executive, Content Forest in Central Auckland that we met Snehal Chauhan, a partner at The Moment Photography Limited. In that instant, we could feel the burning passion in him – to excel in the art and delight businesses and individuals with his unique approach. It has been a long journey for this young man from his native Bharuch in Gujarat to the cultural, commercial and social landscape of New Zealand but he appeared to be enjoying every moment of it. Precise Moment His engineering qualification drives his passion for precision, which, coupled by an interest in creativity, encourages him to pursue excellence. His interest in photography perhaps came into sharper focus as he travelled extensively in South India as Regional Marketing Manager for an IT firm. Marrying his long-time friend Komal was a turning point in his life and career and Mr Chauhan began to perceive things with greater clarity. Establishing Moment Photography was not a flash decision since its image was in his mind for at least seven years. “It emerged as reality early last year when two friends (both young professionals like him) had similar plans. We wanted to convert our passion for photography into a profession and offer quality photography. After all, everyone loves the idea of storing memories for a life time,” he said. Special attributes How do photographers survive in an overcrowded market? Mr Chauhan insisted that he, his partners and their company do not ‘compete’ with others, but offer imagination and creativity to clients. “Every company has its niche market and we are here to find identify and serve a segment. Our style of photography is to create artistic interpretation of a wedding or event by using ambient light or make it as natural as possible. This brings reality to the scene connects emotionally with the viewer. Light, mood, energy, texture, dimension, composition, anticipation, passion, emotion, moments and relationships are the ingredients necessary to make great photographs for all projects, especially weddings,” he said. Other services As well as social occasions, TMP provides businesses with cost-effective solutions for short commercial videos for social media pages, websites and YouTube channel. “Competition has become fierce with the rise of online discounted deals for photo-shoots and products. But customers must compare quantity with quality and choose those providing added values such as free consultations and options to purchase albums, canvas, frames, and digital downloads,” Mr Chauhan said. He said that over the year, his Company has covered birthday, farewell and theme parties, cultural shows, portrait shoots, model portfolios and commercial seminars. “We have also covered a few charity events which have given us an opportunity to give something back to the community. Every event we capture is different in its own way and presents new challenges from which we learn new things. We often have to adapt to the challenges be it lighting, location or people,” he said. Snehal Chauhan can be reached on (09) 5743311 or 021-02489049 Email: Website:        

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