Piety invokes universal peace and harmony

Shri Ram Mandir Charitable Trust (SRMCT) was established in September 2011 to build a Hindu Temple, Community Centre and other facilities for Hindus living in West Auckland.

While providing a place of worship, the Trust also pledges to promote and enhance community wellbeing through community service, education and services.

Among its aims are to promote and practice the ideals of Hinduism through worship, social service, and education address the spiritual, sand cultural needs of the community and represent Hindus on cultural and religious issues.

The Trust hopes to partner with government agencies, officials and community institutions to promote multiculturalism and cross-cultural understanding.

Charity objectives

The charitable objects of the Trust are as follows:

(a) To provide and establish community centres to promote fellowship, goodwill and understanding amongst the people of varied backgrounds in New Zealand;

(b) To encourage communities to participate in voluntary, philanthropic, humanitarian and charitable services to assist the disadvantaged, poor, elderly, needy and the underprivileged;

(c) To facilitate the participation of younger members of the society in youth camps or similar projects, enabling them to recognise and develop their full potential, abilities and talents for their wellbeing and that of the community;

(d) To organise spiritual, philosophical, recreational and cultural activities for youth to their self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence and mould them into caring, compassionate, disciplined, law-abiding and responsible members of the community;

(e) To recognise and honour the contributions and sacrifices of elders in the society by facilitating and encouraging their participation in religious, cultural, recreational and social activities;

(f) To promote a better understanding and appreciation of the principles, philosophy, practices and teachings of the Hindu faith, spiritual and religious beliefs and Hinduism as a religion in general;

(g) To promote greater awareness, better understanding, mutual respect, unity, harmony and cooperation amongst people of diverse, ethnic, racial, spiritual, cultural and religious backgrounds;

(h) To organise meetings, classes, discourses, seminars and lectures to promote, foster, advance and enhance knowledge, understanding, respect, and appreciation of the principles, philosophy and teaching of the Hindu faith;

(i) To print, publish, sell, distribute, scriptures, booklets, publications, newspapers, materials which promote, foster, advance and enhance the knowledge, understanding of the principles, philosophy, practices and teaching of the Hindu faith, spiritual and religious beliefs and Hinduism in general;

(j) To organise, facilitate, hold, functions and events to mark, publicise and celebrate religious and cultural festivals and to demonstrate their significance in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society;

(k) To advance and promote educational, religious and cultural activities in the community for the well-being of the people of diverse and different spiritual, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds;

(l) To establish community centres, libraries, temples for worship and prayer;

(m) To communicate, cooperate and maintain contacts with bodies, organisations and institutions which have similar aims and objectives;

(n) To carry out such other charitable purposes as the Trustees determine from time to time under the laws of New Zealand.


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