Police caution Indian community against impersonator

Detective Sergeant Bridget Doell

Auckland, October 27, 2017
Auckland City Police are investigating multiple incidents where victims have been targeted by scammers on the phone by an individual impersonating a police officer.
The scam involves a male voice stating that he is a New Zealand police officer and telling the victim that their family member has been arrested.
The caller then demands that the victim pays the officer a significant amount of cash in order for the release of their family member in custody.

Cash for release
In some of the incidents, the victim has been asked to purchase a significant amount of iTunes vouchers instead of cash.
The scammers have been targeting members of our Indian community.
These scams are quite complex and on at least one occasion the scammer has known personal information about the victim.
Police, or any other government agency, will never demand money or any other form of payment over the phone.
In no instance would a call like this be genuine.

If you receive a suspicious call, do not engage with them and hang up immediately.

Report to Police
If you think you have been scammed, we urge you to report the incident as soon as possible to your nearest police station and warn your friends and family so others in the community are also aware of this scam.”
Police are making enquiries into these incidents and working to identify those involved in the scam.
These scammers are preying on members of our community who may not be completely familiar with New Zealand law and our Police practices.
We want to prevent anyone else from falling victim to this malicious scam.

If you have any information that may help our investigation or if you have received a similar phone call, please contact the Auckland City Police Financial Crime Unit on (09) 302 6400 or your nearest police station.

Bridget Doell is Detective Sergeant at the Auckland City Police Financial Crime Unit


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