Pravasi Fiji Divas in Auckland

Indian Newslink can reveal that an international conference of Fijians will be held in Auckland mid next year.

The International Congress of Fiji Inc (ICFI) is organising the first ever conference of its type to bring together people of Fijian origin from all over the world to discuss issues of relevance to them and Fiji.

“We hope to attract about 150 delegates to the ‘Pravasi Fiji Divas,’ which include two days of discussions, group sessions and entertainment programmes. We were inspired by the ‘Pravasi Bharatiya Divas,’ organised by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs with the support of some state governments and national organisations every year in January in India,” Mr Bhamji said.

He said he and other members of ICFI would put together a detailed programme, which will include issues of relevance to the Fijian community.

“We are confident that the ‘Pravasi Fiji Divas’ will contribute positively towards the development of Fiji and its people,” he said.

The Fijian Diaspora believes that the events occurring in Fiji are often either ill reported or misreported and hence there was a need to collectively think of strategies and programmes to promote better relations in their adopted countries.

The organisers believe that the on-going electoral reforms and the constitutional review in Fiji, leading up to the general election in 2014 should be properly explained to people around the world.

“We need to engage constructively with various governments, NGOs, community organisations and others to enable them to understand Fiji and its people better. We look forward to the support of everyone to make this first ever global event a success,” Mr Bhamji said.

Indian Newslink will publish details of the international conference in its ensuing issues.

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