Prevention First approach will reduce crime

Jacinda Ardern 

Labour stands strong with New Zealand communities to create safe, welcoming and secure environments for our families and businesses.

It is simply unacceptable to me that our business owners and workers do not feel safe when they are trying to earn a living, or children cannot play in their neighbourhood park because they feel threatened.

It is really important that our communities feel safe, and know that when they need help they can get swift action from our Police.

The New Zealand Police do a great job, but have not had the resources or support that they need to provide the service that we need in communities.

Crime is rising. In the last 12 months alone, robberies increased by 16% nationwide.

More on Frontline

Labour will provide an extra 1000 frontline police in our first term of Government to ensure that our communities are safer. We will provide extra funding for more support staff, training, and resources that they need to do the job right.

A Labour Government will have a strong focus on community policing, and increase the visibility of police among our communities.

We will put our communities at the heart of our approach to policing. Properly resourcing community policing is a critical way of successfully implement a ‘Prevention First’ strategy and maintain strong links to the community to understand local needs.

Getting to roots

The Prevention First approach also extends outside of just policing.

A Labour Government will tackle the root causes of crime to reduce offending and make our communities safer. Labour’s plans in Health, Education, Social Development, Housing, Police and Corrections reflect that commitment. When crime occurs, the justice system needs to protect the public and victims, and ensure that there is long-term focus on reducing re-offending.

Labour is strong on Law and Order, and we will make our communities safer.

Let’s do this!

Jacinda Ardern is Leader of Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition.

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