Protest against US military strike on Iran in Auckland

Protest against US military strike on Iran in Auckland

At Aotea Square on January 25, 2020
Venkat Raman
Auckland, January 10, 2020

US President speaking to the media after the Iranian attack on Wednesday. (Screenshot of CNN Video)

An organisation in Auckland has called for a protest march at 2 pm on Queen Street in Auckland’s Central Business District on Saturday, January 25, 2020 to protest against the US strikes on Iran.

The Global Peace and Justice Auckland is organising the protest, which will include a march towards the US Consulate Office on Customs Street.

Spokesperson Mike Green said that people will first assemble at the Aotea Square.

New Zealand and other foreign troops should leave Iraq immediately as required by the Iraqi Parliament. We want to send a message to the New Zealand and US governments that the people of New Zealand do not support further military action in the Middle East.  Everyone is welcome to join our peaceful protest – whānau, religious and political groups, unions and individuals – bring your own banners and old shoes,” he said.

Unthinkable Slogan

Mr Green said that it was unthinkable that the slogan, ‘No Blood for Oil,’ should be use at the start of a new decade.

“But the action of the US show that they are still willing to engage in war for control of the Middle East. Global Peace and Justice Auckland has been campaigning against war in the Middle East for almost twenty years and we are ready to respond again,” Mr Green said.

He said that an organising meeting will be held at 7 pm at the Unite Office located at 6A, Western Springs Road, Morningside and that it is open to all.

Meanwhile, both US and Iran have stepped back from declaring a war on each other, with President Donald Trump confirming overnight that the US will not take further military action in response to Iran’s missile strikes on American bases in Iraq eases regional tensions for now.

The missiles it fired at US bases near Baghdad and in northern Iraq produced no US casualties and appear to have done little damage to the bases.

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