Public opinion sought on Local Alcohol Policy

Progress on the Provisional Auckland Council Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) continues this month with dates now set for formal appeal hearings.

The Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) will hold public hearings at the Auckland District Court over three weeks, commencing on Monday, February 13.

Auckland Council welcomes this announcement as once in force, the LAP will be a key tool for the Council to help minimise alcohol-related harm across the region.

Local policies

Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, Councils can develop an LAP to establish local policy on licensing matters such as the location, density and trading hours of licensed premises.

An LAP can influence where new alcohol licenses are allowed to establish; how many new alcohol licenses are allowed; when bars, restaurants and nightclubs can sell alcohol; when bottle shops and supermarkets can sell alcohol; and when clubs (e.g. sports clubs, RSAs) can sell alcohol.

The Provisional Auckland Council Local Alcohol Policy includes regional policies as well as some special rules for the City Centre and suburbs experiencing higher levels of alcohol-related harm, referred to in the policy as Priority Overlay areas.

Auckland Council consulted on its draft policy in 2014 and considered 2693 written submissions and over 100 oral submissions before the adopting the provisional policy in May 2015.

Some organisations appealed against the provisional policy after it was adopted.

The legal hearing process means appellants, registered interested parties and the Council can present their views on the provisional LAP before ARLA makes a final decision.

The Council is restricted from providing public comment regarding the appeals while they are before the court.

To read the full Provisional Auckland Council Local Alcohol Policy document and view the Priority Area maps, visit and search ‘Local Alcohol Policy.’

Auckland Council Press Release

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