Quality brands lift Fiji’s profile in global markets

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Suva, Fiji, September 29, 2018
Being the commercial hub of the Pacific and host to many international organisations, Fiji is a flourishing marketplace and strongly integrated with the globalised world.
Investment Fiji helps investors and exporters understand the opportunities, identify the obstacles faced when investing and exporting, and efficiently navigate the investment and export processes.

Fiji products are gaining world market share
Export and Expand
Our Trade and Export Promotion team develops and implements a comprehensive programme to help Fijian companies export and expand their business internationally.
Our work consists of supporting and assisting businesses to enhance the quantity and quality of Fijian exports, focusing on SMEs and in value-added goods and services as a source of quality employment.
We organise frequent half-day or full-day programmes and seminars that discuss topics such as foreign market updates and import procedures, international technical and environmental standards and trade financing.
We also provide foreign market information to Fijian-based exporters’ and linking foreign buyers with Fijian producers and service providers.
Investment Fiji takes an active role in promoting Brand Fiji through Cross-Promotional Campaigns, Exhibitions, Conferences, Investment Missions, Trade Missions and online tools.
As a facilitating agency, our role is to connect companies and provide an integral and comprehensive service throughout the entire export process.
Training and marketing
Since November 2015, Investment Fiji’s Trade and Export Division has actively worked alongside 453 exporters providing support and assistance in training, market intelligence, promotion and commercial positioning.

‘Pure Fiji’ products are in the top league
The agri-food sector fulfils a central role in Fiji’s economic growth, accounting for 10.5% of GDP. Fiji has existing trade agreements and favourable quarantine arrangements that allow the trade of agricultural produce with countries such as Australia, New Zealand, US, Europe, Canada, China and neighbouring Pacific Island nations.
The crop sub-sector is mainly driven by the root crops and horticulture industry.
The major commodities are taro, ginger, papaya, pineapples and Bilateral Quarantine Agreement (BQA) commodities such as eggplant, okra and breadfruit.
Impressive growth
The Value of Crop and Livestock domestic export for both fresh/chilled and value added product has increased significantly from F$ 146.23 million in 2009 to F$ 195.02 million in 2016 with a 4.8% average annual growth rate.
Fiji is becoming a reliable partner in the supply of food to world markets, not only for base commodities and primary products but also for products with high added value including virgin coconut oil, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, noni juice and bakery products.
Industry is a fundamental sector for Fiji’s development and a main creator of qualified employment.  This sector includes textiles, garments, footwear, sugar, tobacco, food processing, mineral water and wood based industries.
Raising the profile
The ‘Fijian Made and Buy Fijian Campaign’ was initiated by the Fijian Government primarily to promote and raise the profile of Fijian made products and produce, both domestically and internationally through a national branding strategy.
The focus has largely been on manufactured items, such as food (animal & vegetable products); clothing and wood made items such as furniture and handicrafts.
For 2018, Fiji’s total exports are forecast to grow by 7.5% led by higher exports of timber, mineral water, gold, fish, fruits & vegetables, re-exports and other domestic exports targeting Fiji’s major trading partners Australia, New Zealand, the People’s Republic of China, Singapore, the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom and Pacific Island countries.
Trade Policy
The Fijian Trade Policy Framework articulates measures to provide greater support to manufacturers of all industries by way of securing market access, value addition promotion, trade facilitation, trade promotion, information sharing and capacity building with the aim of ensuring that the manufacturing sector contribution to GDP reaches 20% by 2020.

Agriculture plays a critical role in the Fijian economy
Our Trade and Export team have assisted exporters in various areas such as identification of export ready companies that meet foreign import standards and collaborate with our Overseas Missions to assist in the identification of potential distribution channels.
Investment Fiji also plans to assist exporters through our upcoming capability building programmes providing training and enterprise development, market research, business etiquette as well cooperation between focused suppliers.
International Business Awards
We have recently launched the 2018 Prime Minister’s International Business Awards which rewards Fijian exporters for their contribution towards the Fijian economy.
For more information, please call (+679) 3315988; Email: info@investmentfiji.org.fj
Website: www.IBA.org.fj
Godo Muller-Teut is Chief Executive of Investment Fiji based in Suva, Fiji. Investment Fiji operates independently as the facilitation arm of the Fijian Government, providing services and assistance to promote and stimulate investments and exports.

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