Rabindran appointed to Marsden Maritime Board

Rabindran appointed to Marsden Maritime Board

Venkat Raman
Auckland, December 8, 2019

Rabin Rabindran (INL File Photo)

Auckland based Barrister and International Legal Consultant Rabin Rabindran has been appointed to the Board Marsden Maritime Holdings Limited.

His appointment, which became effective in October 2019, has been made at a time when the Port company has been making news for its discussions on the potential of Auckland’s Port activities moving to Northland.

About Marsden Maritime Holdings

A New Zealand Exchange Listed Company, Marsden Maritime Holdings Limited owns 50% of the Northport. It was established in the name of Northland Port Corporation (NZ) Limited in pursuance of the Port Companies Act 1988 which required Harbour Boards to form companies to take over the commercial port related assets of the Boards.

Section 5 of the Act provided that “the principal objective of every port company shall be to operate as a successful business.” 

The Company was incorporated on October 18, 1988 and purchased the required assets from the Northland Harbour Board, which was subsequently disestablished.

In 1992, the Company’s shares were listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

Northland Regional Council now holds 53.6% of the share capital, whilst Ports of Auckland Ltd holds 19.9% of the equity, with the balance held by the public.

New Associate Company

The development of the new Cargo Terminal at Marsden Point, a 50:50 joint venture with Port of Tauranga saw a new associate company Northport Ltd formed in August 2000. In August 2014 Northland Port Corporation changed its name to Marsden Maritime Holdings Limited.

About Rabin Rabindran

Mr Rabindran is a professional Director and also practices as a commercial Barrister and International Legal Consultant, specialising in construction, infrastructure development, energy and transport. 

He has been involved with major projects in New Zealand and in over 25 other countries.  He has worked with the World Bank, major corporations in New Zealand and in other countries and acted for Governments, state corporations and local authorities. 

Mr Rabindran is currently Chairman of Bank of India (NZ) Limited.

His previous roles included Chair of Auckland Regional Transport Authority, Deputy Chairman Manukau District Health Board, Director, New Zealand Health Partnerships, Solid Energy New Zealand, Auckland Transport, Swift Energy New Zealand and other subsidiaries of Swift Energy Company of Houston, Manukau Water, Tomorrow’s Manukau Properties, TMPL (Flat Bush) and MBF Carpenters, an Australian public company. 

In addition, Mr Rabindran has chaired several public hearing panels relating to transport, including the 2011 Rugby World Cup Transport Forum. He was a Commissioner on the 2014 Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaws Public Hearings Panel. 

He as also a Lead Director on Health and Safety on various boards.


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