Rainbow Corner ELC opens branch in Mumbai

First Overseas operations commenced on September 15

Venkat Raman

The Rainbow Corner Group of Companies opened its first overseas Early Childhood Centre in Mumbai on Saturday, September 15, 2018.

The Centre, the first of its kind in Mumbai, will follow the New Zealand Curriculum, which has now become a model for Early Childhood Education (ECE).

New Zealand’s Mumbai based Vice-Consul Andrea Livingstone inaugurated the Centre, located in the posh area of Walkeshwar in South Mumbai, emphasising the importance of ECE and the need for such Centres.

Quality ECE

She said that as mother of two young girls, she understands the value of good quality early childhood education.

“It is important to provide our children with the right environment for them to grow and develop a healthy mind and a healthy body. This is the best way for parents to ensure that their children grow up to succeed in their lives,” she said.

Ms Livingstone said that in today’s fast changing world, it is imperative to provide innovative and recreative opportunities for children.

Pursuit of Excellence

“The teaching and learning environment at this Rainbow Corner Early Childhood Learning Centre (ECLC) promises excellence. The passion and the programme found here will help young children and their parents to use the resources to their benefit,” she said.

Simon Bridges greets

Earlier, National Party Leader Simon Bridges congratulated Rainbow Corner Group of Companies Directors Bhavini Doshii and her husband Rrahul Dosshi on their initiative in opening a branch in Mumbai.

“This is an exciting development and I share the happiness of the moment on behalf of all New Zealanders. We are proud that the Rainbow Corner ELC will follow the New Zealand Curriculum and provide excellent pedagogy that we give our children in our country,” he said.

Mr Bridges said that his National Party believes in supporting businesses.

“ECE is the most important aspect in a child’s life, ensuring their future success in all their endeavours,” he said.

A video message from National Party List MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi was also played.

The Rainbow Journey

Mr Dosshi outlined the ‘Rainbow Corner Journey,’ saying how it has grown since 2011.

“It began as a tiny entity in Gisborne (a City of 36,600 people in the North-East Coast of North Island). It was the vision of my wife Bhavini to serve the cause of education and establishing an ECLC. It was a passion that drove her to deliver quality with high standards of learning and teaching. That passion continues,” he said.

Mr Dosshi said that the move to Auckland saw the establishment of the Rainbow Corner ELC in Mangere East, followed by Takanini and Beach Haven.

The Group is currently constructing a multi-million dollar facility in East Tamaki, with state-of-the-art learning facilities and a clean and green environment.

Dedicated to Children

“All of us, including our teachers and parents are dedicated to children. We enjoy every moment of it- seeing our teachers engaged with children with love and care; the children at play and at work. Children growing up in a friendly, caring environment; and we love the interaction with parents,” he said.

Mr Dosshi said that the Centre in Mumbai will reflect and follow the same guiding principles of quality of learning and teaching followed by Rainbow Corner Centres in New Zealand.

Fostering Indo-Kiwi relations

“This is a dream come true for us. We are not just bringing education into India. We are bringing our heart to our home. Consistency in quality product delivery is close to our heart. This is a part of our contribution to New Zealand-India relations,” he said.

Introducing Praveen and Rani Nalam, their long-time friends from Auckland, Mr Dosshi said that they are part of Rainbow Corner ELC and acknowledged their efforts in establishing the Centre in Mumbai.

He announced that as a part of the opening of the Mumbai Centre, the Rainbow Group was launching its custom-built Mobile Apps, details of which will be announced shortly.

The Rainbow Corner Group of Companies is the Title Sponsor of the three major brands of Indian Newslink, including the Eleventh Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards (to be held on Monday, November 26, 2018 at SkyCity Convention Centre, Auckland City), the Eighth Annual Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture (held on Monday, July 9, 2018 at  Pullman Hotel, Auckland) and the Fifth Annual Indian Newslink Sports & Community Awards, to be held on Monday, October 8, 2018 at Alexandra Park, Greenlane, Auckland.

Photo Caption:

  1. Andrea Livingstone, Vice-Consul at the New Zealand Consulate in Mumbai, inaugurating the Rainbow Early Learning Centre in Walkeshwar, Mumbai on September 15, 2018, flanked by Bhavini Doshii, Rrahul Dosshi and Rani Nalam
  2. Bhavini and Rrahul displaying the New Zealand Curriculum with Andrea Livingstone
  3. Elegance, quality and high standards of Rainbow at the new Mumbai Centre

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