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Rakesh Bansal WebWhy you need a good mortgage adviser?

With so many changes happening in banking sector around lending for property purchase, there has never been a better time to consult a good and experienced mortgage advisor than now.

Some transactions, for example, loans for ‘New Build Properties’ can be complex and require guidance from a qualified Mortgage Adviser right through to the completion of construction and final drawdown.

Thanks to decades of experience in banking of its Director Rakesh Bansal, Kiwi Mortgages prides itself in helping first home buyers, many of who had lost hope of owning a house. Kiwi Mortgages also helps property investors not only with their lending but also structure their loans in a way that best suits their cash flow to ensure faster debt reduction.

“I encourage you to keep saving towards the deposit. You may still be able to receive help and get finance on your low deposit at reasonable rates,” Mr Bansal said.

“Lenders may still consider lending on low deposit but will assess on case-by-case basis, depending on other strengths/merits of the application. Your good credit history, good account conduct, savings history and low debts position may get you across the line, despite a relatively low deposit,” he said.

First homebuyers would be the worst hit as the new regulatory environment under which banks would be more stringent and with property prices skyrocketing, it would be difficult for many first homebuyers to accumulate the required deposit.


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