Satish Shetty funeral tomorrow (Saturday)

Satish Shetty funeral tomorrow (Saturday)

Venkat Raman 

Auckland, May 31, 2019

Satish Shetty (Picture Supplied)

The funeral of Satish Shetty will be held tomorrow, Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 130 pm at Davies Funeral Services, 150  Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland, his family has announced.

As reported on Wednesday, Satish Shetty, popular Restauranteur and owner of ‘Shamiana’ food outlets Satish Shetty passed away at about 4 pm on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at Ascot Hospital, Auckland.

He was 63 years old and left behind his wife Nazreen and their son Hamish (29) and daughter (22).

The Funeral is likely to be held on Saturday, details of which will be announced by tomorrow.

A friend of this reporter and Indian Newslink for more than 20 years, Mr Shetty was known for his hard work and business acumen, a combination of which made the Shamiana brand famous throughout New Zealand. He handled almost all aspects of the business and even made a brief foray into the United States of America about ten years ago.

He began his life in New Zealand as an employee at a Restaurant in Ponsonby more than 25 years ago and performed various other jobs to care for his family. It was his vision and fortitude that led to the success of the Shamiana chain of Restaurants.

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