School needs money for works

Al Madinah School in Mangere, Auckland, still needs to raise about $300,000 to finish paying for its recently completed building works.

Founded in 1992, it was New Zealand’s first Islamic school and remains the main institution of its kind.

The State-integrated school is a project of the Islamic Education and Dawah Trust (IED), a registered charity, which is also responsible for Zayed College and Al-Maqtoum Mosque (Airport Mosque).

Expansion Plan

The School’s management made plans in 2012 to expand to meet the increasing demand for places from Auckland’s fast-growing Muslim population (31,176 as per 2013 census). In April 2013, Education Minister granted permission to expand its roll (Year Zero to Year 13). In October of the same year, Auckland Council granted resource consent to start construction of a second storey.

Work began on the foundation in January 2014.

The New Zealand Government has contributed $1.2 million towards the $2 million project. The school has raised more than $500,000.

Al Madinah School has proved worthy of the community’s support, with consistently excellent results in NCEA examinations over recent years. The Council has signed off the building work and the new classrooms and offices are operational.

For more information and donations, please call (09) 2755195; Email:

Source: ‘Rocket Science,’ Monthly Newsletter of Mt Albert Islamic Centre, Auckland



Al Madinah School, Auckland

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