Sea is the happy place of final rest

Sea is the happy place of final rest

Rick and Grace Singh

We have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel.

Ravin Lal will be to us, the man who was direct, honest, and lived life his way.

He made us laugh, made us feel at home and most of all made us feel the bond of family.

A man of integrity and adventure, the ocean was his happy place.

The Final Call

Salt water ran through his veins and the sea was always calling his name.

I, Rick, enjoyed my time out on the boat fishing with Ravin, especially his cheeky grin when he knew he had a nice size fish on the hook.

This will always remain in my memory.

Ravin’s final resting, his spirit released and ashes scattered by his son Ronan was on the boat out on the deep ocean. That was his wish- mingled with the fish across the aqua blue sea.

As he would say, “Just tell them, I have gone fishing, until we meet again”

Rick and Grace Singh are related to Ravin Lal. They live in Melbourne, Australia

Pictures (sent by Rick Singh) clockwise from top: Ravin Lal goes fishing on his boat; With Arin Lal and Rick’s daughter Jasmine; with Rick at a pub and with the ‘Catch of the Day.’

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