Serving the community is a privilege

Serving the Community.Daljit Singh.jpgThe local body elections in Auckland this year is a milestone event, since it will elect for the first time a Super City Council and Community Boards.

While there are many shortcomings in the model chosen by the Government, we have no choice but to make it work.

I want to play my part in representing the interests of the community in which I have lived in for 21 years.

I am a candidate for the Papatoetoe Ward and I am standing on a Labour ticket.

The new Local Ward will be responsible for the local environment, which we must shape for today’s needs and for tomorrow’s growth.

This will require extensive consultation with local residents and a good understanding of their needs. The Local Board will challenge the Super City Council if their needs are not met or if they are treated differently from other parts of Auckland.

This calls for vigilance on the part of the Local Board and the ability to confidently represent Papatoetoe’s interests.

While I have tried to put back into the community as much as I have received from it, this would be my first opportunity to do so in a formal role. Encouraged by senior members of the community, I agreed to seek the mandate of the people Papatoetoe and South Auckland as a member of the Papatoetoe Local Ward.

I am part of a Labour team and collectively we have extensive experience of the area and of its people.

I have been involved in most issues concerning the community, especially on safety and security of our people. Along with others, I have advocated for a safe South Auckland and I will continue to do this as a Local Board member.

I have had the privilege of assisting many people and families for many years because I believe in timely service to those in need. I have been fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. This comes from years of participation in the community.

These experiences have taught me to be a good listener and to have a positive outlook and respect for others. I have been able to use these skills in my work in the Citizens Advice Bureau and elsewhere.

We will be responsible for creating a Papatoetoe that responds to its diverse population, its youth, its ageing communities, and its families.

Serving the community has been my passion for many years.

People often tell me that I have been effective.

I offer the following: (a) my personal commitment to the area in which I have lived for a long time (b) my record in community service (c) my successful experience in business and (d) my ability to listen, consult, to solve problems and to challenge those who do not have the interests of our local community at heart.

I do not come alone but come with a great team with excellent principles that have served New Zealand well.

Daljit Singh is a Community leader and a Labour Candidate for the Papatoetoe Ward in the ensuing Local Body Election.

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