Shivani Arora

Women of Indian origin have emerged as great team players and innovative businesspersons in New Zealand and among those known for their spirit of adventure and business acumen is Shivani Arora, Director of India Gate Restaurant, Shivani Vegetarian Restaurants (Papatoetoe and Mt Eden) and other enterprises, each of which is marked for high levels of productivity, staff motivation and profitability.

Pursuing Excellence

Shivani was the winner of the ‘Best Businesswoman of the Year’ Award at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2013. The judges described her as “excellent business leader,’ and said that she has been instrumental in setting high standards of service leading to customer growth.

Shivani is dedicated to excellence and is very clear about the level of quality required in the business. From a superette of which she was the owner many years ago to the successful ‘India Gate’ brand and Nando’s, she has demonstrated that a strong focus on marketing and sales, and good alignment in values with team are ingredients of success.

Her husband Kuldeep Arora has been a pillar of strength, support and understanding, guiding her through her ambitions with prudent management.

Unique blend

Shivani augments her husband’s professional success with her own unique blend of passion, foresight, caution, planning, control and accountability. Challenges come in various forms and Shivani faces them with determination to succeed. With a positive attitude and good teamwork, she endeavours to find the right solutions to problems.

While India Gate in Auckland’s elite suburb of Epsom is patronised by hundreds of diners, visiting Indian film stars, industrialists and others, the other two Restaurants offer a superb experience to Aucklanders and visitors to the City.

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