“Show some character,” women’s leader tells National List MPs

Dr Primla Khar

If there are MPs in a Party purely due to their ethnicity, then the onus would be on the MP

It would be bigger than if he or she was there on individual merit.

They are there as ambassadors of their representative ethnic group.

To remain quiescent when their root group is being projected as an unfavourable option is a huge let down.

Self respect and in turn respect for the people because of whom they are identified should be strong enough to demand a reaction and a response.

Hard working and self respecting Indians need to ask the question of these so called representatives.

Cost of lawmaker

What is the cost that they would be happy to pay to remain in Parliament?

My challenge to the MPs of Kiwi Indian origin is to contest in elections,  win and enter parliament on your self worth rather than using the Indian diaspora as a stepping stone for your individualistic growth.

Take on the challenge.

Look at Kiwi Indian men and women who went to Universities, took exams and got into the work force purely based on their merits.

Except for the Parliamentarians who are in the work force based on the ethnic card, no other immigrant has exploited the same.

Show your worth. Gain people’s respect.

Give back the dignity of your ethnic group.

Show some character.

Dr Primla Khar is Chairperson, Women’s Forum of the New Zealand Indian Central Association based in Auckland.



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