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For Web Edition-Snap Chat on Young Zoros-Sanaya MasterWith 101 questions flying back and forth as the countdown to the 6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress begins, we thought it would be a good idea to have a snap chat with the youth who are making it all happen.

To be held at Kings College from December 28, 2015 to January 2, 2016, the 6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (6WZYC) promises to be a lifetime experience.

Here are the five most wanted answers to the questions that many have been asking about the most anticipated event on the Zoroastrian Youth calendar.

The Congress Gourmet

As young Zoroastrians, we understand the importance of good food. Since Zoros will be arriving from all parts of the world, international cuisine will be served at the Congress. There will be a wide variety of foods to cater to all palates

Please let us know of any specific dietary requirements or allergies on your registration form. Each of the in-house kitchens on campus will be replenished with sufficient snacks, fruit, tea and coffee. There will be food and drink vending machines as well.

The Congress Dress

If there is one thing that is predictable about Auckland weather, it is totally unpredictable!

Though it will be summer, we recommend that you bring along an all-weather jacket, along with your cap, shades and sunscreen as the New Zealand sun can be quite harsh.

Your check list should also include appropriate footwear for events such as ‘The Amazing Race,’ New Year’s Eve Celebration and ‘Fair Day.’ We have access to the campus pool, and hence please bring your swimwear.

Swimwear since we have access to the pool on campus. A scarf or Topi for the Jashan and traditional attire for glam Traditional night would be appropriate.

Do not forget your lifeline-your universal adaptor that will keep your electrical and electronic equipment charged and connected throughout your stay in New Zealand.

For Long-stay

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and hence, why not make the most of your trip and stay back to explore? If your visa permits you to stay in Auckland after the Congress dates, you can contact Tanaz Siganporia at, who will be happy to arrange accommodation for you with a local Zoroastrian family, free-of-charge!

Single or Double Room

Each delegate will be given single room accommodation. Delegates can request to be put in rooms next to one another. Married couples have the option of sharing a room. Minors (15 -17 years) of the same gender will be given the option of sharing a room with one other person or having individual rooms.

Is it true that you can’t register for the Congress unless you stay in the accommodation arranged by the Congress?

We want everyone to have the full Congress experience and part of that experience is living at the venue. So yes, all delegates must stay at the accommodation provided by the 6WZYC team, including locals from New Zealand.

Over the last count, over 200 delegates from Australia, USA, Canada, UK, India, Iran and New Zealand had registered to attend the Congress.

All Zoroastrians between the ages of 15 and 35 are invited to attend.

The casual rate is now available until August 16, 2015.

Please visit for more details.

Sanaya Master is a Member of the Organising Committee of the 6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress scheduled to be held at King’s College in Auckland from December 28, 2015 to January 2, 2016.

The Zoroastrian Youth of New Zealand (ZYNZ), the Youth Wing of the Zoroastrian Association of New Zealand is organising the six-day Congress, highlighting the social and community responsibilities that elevate the meaning and purpose of human existence.

We are fortunate to have a highly motivated team with the objective of providing a memorable religious and social experience to all participants, in addition to examining the issues that confront the human society and its natural environs.

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