Solutions to the Indian Newslink Crossword 1

Staff Reporter
Auckland, March 5, 2021

Here are the solutions to Crossword 1 created by Sandhya Govind of Auckland.

For quick reference, we also publish the Crossword with clues published on February 15, 2021.

Ms Govind is an expert in all forms of Puzzles with extensive experience in India and the Middle East.

The Puzzle can be downloaded on your device and solved. It is also available on Indian Newslink Mobile App, apart from our website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

In perspective

Several years ago, we used to run Crossword Puzzles (both Quick and Cryptic) regularly in our fortnightly issues. These evoked wide reader interest and was popular across all age groups of our wide readership.

These Crossword Puzzles were a part of other features (such as Spot the Difference, Sudoku Jumble and ‘Attemptation’) that appealed especially to the younger population.

We are happy to reintroduce our Crossword Puzzle, which our readers would find more challenging and even entertaining.

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