South Auckland Muslims take to social network

One of the largest Muslim organisations in Australasia is to employ state-of-the-art technology and social networking sites to promote its activities and interact better with its members and the communities in general.

The South Auckland Muslim Association (SAMA) will also use Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites to propagate the teachings of Islam, the Holy Quran and highlight its programmes and events.

Ibrar Sheikh, who was elected to the post of President at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association on March 25, said that SAMA had entered a new phase of growth and development.

“There is a pronounced need to make SAMA a more dynamic and proactive organisation. As a member of the Executive Committee for the past eight years and General Secretary for the past four years, I have had opportunities to understand and appreciate the issues involved and the need for collective action.

“I believe that the new Executive Committee will be able to move ahead with the support and guidance of past office-bearers, members and the general public,” he said.

He also highlighted the issues confronting the Association in his acceptance speech following the election.

Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) Vice-President Javed Khan chaired the AGM held at Al Mustafa Mosque, owned and managed by SAMA in Otahuhu. Al Hijaz Trust Chairman Haji Fazle Essop was the head of the Election Committee.

Although Indian Newslink had not reported on its issues, SAMA has been a source of concern to FIANZ and community leaders in the recent past, with differences of opinions emerging between at least two factions.

FIANZ legal advisor Umarji Mohammed had assured us some time ago that SAMA was a strong organisation and that differences existed in the spirit of democracy and ‘active participation.’

“We are confident that all these issues will be settled soon. SAMA is a progressive institution,” he had said.

The AGM and the election held last week have reportedly sealed those differences with Haji Sheik Usman Saheb as the Patron.

Among the other office-bearers elected were Imraan Mustahib, Haji Yakub Khan (Vice-Presidents), Azad Khan (Secretary), Iqbal Nabijan (Assistant Secretary), Azhar Bakar (Treasurer), Haji Sitar Ali (Assistant Treasurer), Abdul Shakeel Ahmed, Abdul Hakim, Haji Abbas Khan, Aslam Khan, Naushad Ali, Mohammed Shamim, Molvi Mohammed Safik and Muntaz Ali (Committee Members).

Ibrar Sheikh also stated he would provide a proposed plan of objectives to the executive members and to the public to take SAMA in the next generation. He plans to improve the current Islamic education system offered by SAMA as well as work on improving other Islamic propagation methods utilised by the Muslim Association.

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