Sports, Culture and business on Sangam agenda

Sports, Culture and business on Sangam agenda

Arveen Sharma

Past and present challenges and the way forward, community unity and fostering sports among the younger generation will be among the issues that will be discussed at a major Convention of the Then India Sanmarga Ikya (TISI) Sangam scheduled to be held in Sydney, Australia, from October 5 to October 7, 2019.

Sangam New South Wales (NSW) participated in the TISI Sangam Convention held over the Easter weekend in Lautoka Fiji. It is now inviting Fiji Sangam teams around the world to be a part of a major Sangam Convention in Sydney this October.

Sports and a cultural night will be a major part of the three-day Convention.

Soccer, Netball and Golf

These will include Soccer, Netball and Golf Tournaments, evincing the interests of veterans, middle-level and young players of the respective games.

The Soccer Tournament will be played in three Divisions, namely Premiers (for all ages), Over 40 (with inclusion of five Over 35) and Over 50.

The Netball Tournament may have either Open Grade or two Divisions, depending on the response, while details of the Golf fixtures are still under discussion.

TISI Sangam New South Wales President Vishwa Nadan said that Sangam Conventions held anywhere in the world (normally in Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA) are an important event of the local Sangam community as it creates awareness.

Uniting the Sangam Community

“The main purpose of the Sydney Sangam Convention is to further unite the international Fiji Sangam community. While the initial invitation has been extended to Fiji, New Zealand and Australian Sangam teams, Sangam NSW will whole-heartedly welcome teams from USA and Canada,” he said.

Mr Nadan said that the Convention will provide an excellent opportunity for senior and young community members, sportspersons and others to enjoy a weekend of sports and fun with likeminded people and make new friends, while renewing old friendships.

“The sporting and cultural conventions help to build stronger ties with local and overseas counterparts. Sangam NSW will strengthen the harmonious relationship that TISI Sangam Fiji has with local and overseas teams,” he said.

Sports Committee formed

Mr Nadan said that Sangam NSW the Sports Committee is being led by Sachin Kamal and Mr Ravin Naidu (both Vice Presidents), supported by Yad Ram (Vice President), Narend Gounder (former President) and Steve Gopal.

An organising Chair will be appointed shortly to support the Sports Committee and delegate responsibilities for conducting cultural and entertainment programmes to other executive members.

“Sydney Sangam Conventions have always been a major highlight for the Fiji community in Australia. Australian Sangam teams and their players are no strangers to the local Sangam soccer community as these teams have been competing quite successfully in Fiji for a number of years,” Mr Nadan said.

The registration fee is A$1000 per Soccer team and confirmation, together with 50% deposit is required by July 31, 2019.  Information on Netball and Golf will be included in the next media release.

Teams interested in participating at the Sangam Convention in Sydney should send their details to

Please also check out Sangam NSW on Facebook for updates leading to the Convention.

Arveen Sharma is Media & Liaison Officer at Sangam NSW based in Sydney.

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