Sri Chinmoy Auckland seeks spacious rental accommodation

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Venkat Raman

Venkat Raman

Auckland, July 11, 2021

250 Sq Meters of space in Central Auckland or thereabout


                                      Sri Chinmoy, founder of Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centres worldwide (Website Image)

Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre is on the lookout for new accommodation in Auckland.

The Centre needs about 200 Sq meters to 250 Sq meters of space in any of the following areas: Karangahape  Road out West to Kingsland or Pt Chevalier; South from Mt Eden and Epsom to Onehunga; East from Grafton to Ellerslie.

Sir Chinmoy Meditation Centre Teacher and Volunteer Jogyata Dallas said that they will however be happy to consider other locations.

Details of space sought

The accommodation has been sought for the following: 1. Public Area to offer free Meditation Classes 2. Private Centre for Office and other activities of the Mission 3. Accommodation to include separate washrooms for men, women and disabled or have the potential to build these 4. Possible space for reopening of Blue Bird Vegetarian Cafe 5. Parking: Some onsite Parking desirable or accessible parking 6. Happy to renovate or upgrade, where permitted, with our own certified tradespeople

Please contact Jogyata Dallas on 022-1887432 Email:; Website:


Sri Chinmoy with the then Prime Minister of New Zealand Jim Bolger in 1995 (Photo Supplied)

About Auckland Chinmoy Centre

The Centre was established in Auckland as a non-profitable Charitable Trust by Sri Chinmoy, the late Indian Spiritual Leader 40 years ago. Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Centre offers free community courses and helps in Global and Pacific Aid Programmes.

Chinmoy Centres in New Zealand run regular Meditation Workshops, run-runs, ultra-marathons, concerts and cultural events and provides humanitarian aid to the needy from time to time. The Centres also owns and manages vegetarian cafes and juice bars.

It owned and managed Blue Bird Vegetarian Café on Dominion Road for 21 years and hopes to revive it in the new rented premises.

The Auckland Chinmoy Centre has hosted the personal visits of Sri Chinmoy to New Zealand. More than 20,000 New Zealanders have enjoyed its Concerts, Master Games, public talks and various other events.

Sir Chinmoy Meditation Centre Teacher and Volunteer Jogyata Dallas (Golden Groove School)

World harmony and peace

The Chinmoy Centre website says, “The activities of the Centre share one common purpose to serve in some small way the goal of world harmony and personal fulfilment: and we hope that you will find among our initiatives something to inspire you in your own quest for happiness. These include Meditation Classes, Runs and Races. Our sporting activities include a regular Saturday morning two-mile ‘Self-Transcendence’ fun-run at the Auckland Domain; 5/10 km fun-runs and half-marathons; our annual 24 hour championship track race at the Millennium Stadium; and the New Zealand leg of the global World Harmony Run(link is external). For further information about our fun-runs and 24 hour race, please visit Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team New Zealand(link is external).”

We all long for inner peace and self-perfection, but few of us ever discover a method to achieve these in any lasting fashion. Successfully tried and tested over the course of millennia, meditation is recognised as a powerful life skill that brings a lasting and tangible sense of peace, joy and happiness to those who practice it.

To this end, the Sri Chinmoy Centre offers free meditation classes year-round and provides a peaceful haven where its members meet to practice.

‘Mukti Giti,’ a group from Sri Chinmoy Centre at an Interfaith Music Concert held last year (Website Image)

The philosophy of the Sri Chinmoy Centre is simple – to improve the world around us, we must first improve ourselves. Rather than depending on political or economic solutions to the world’s problems, the Centre works from the premise that it is within the individual that the solutions to all our problems exists. Through regular meditation and the awakening of our spiritual life, the cure-all of inner peace can solve all of our challenges, clearing aside the doubts, insecurities, fears, unhappiness and other ailments that beset us.

Sri Chinmoy said, “Anything that binds you, unlearn it. Anything that blinds you, unlearn it. Anything that limits you, unlearn it. Anything that awakens you, learn it. Anything that liberates you, learn it. Anything that fulfils you, learn it.”

For over four decades, Sri Chinmoy Centre has endeavoured to serve the twin goals of world harmony and inner peace. Through musical concerts, athletic events, meditation classes and humanitarian aid, the Centre has fashioned a repertoire of initiatives with a single aim – the fulfilment of the limitless potential of the human spirit.

The fostering of inner peace and outer harmony is a natural extension of our intrinsically spiritual nature. In seeking inner peace we seek to reconnect with this; in fostering outer harmony we then reveal our divine nature – inner peace – to the entire world.

The cornerstone of the Sri Chinmoy Centre’s activities is meditation (link is external), for it can be said that meditation is the very beginning and end of spirituality itself.

Sri Chinmoy himself believed in the acceptance of life for its eventual transformation and perfection. Thus members of the Centre combine spirituality and inner awareness with dynamism and outer activity, bringing the ancient truths of meditation into the hustle and bustle of our everyday life.


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