Strategy for international students’ wellbeing launched

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Wellington, June 13, 2017

Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Paul Goldsmith launched today the new International Student Wellbeing Strategy.

It is available on the Ministry of Education website at

The Human Rights Commission has been working on this Strategy through its Communities and Student Advocacy for the past one year.

The development of the Wellbeing Strategy over the past year reflects the significant contribution from education providers, students and community groups across New Zealand. It is a student-centred strategy and so the input from international students themselves, who shared their challenges and successes with us, has been invaluable.

Pastoral care pledge

The Wellbeing Strategy reinforces our commitment to welcome, support and value the international students who choose to come and live and study in New Zealand. It builds on the quality pastoral care that schools and tertiary institutions already provide, by ensuring that government agencies work together and focus our efforts where we can make the biggest difference.

The new Wellbeing Strategy complements strengthened regulation introduced last year, the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

Funding from levy

Mr Goldsmith also announced that he is making funding from the Export Education Levy available every year for initiatives that will strengthen international student wellbeing.

Government agencies with a role in international student wellbeing will work collaboratively with our stakeholders to identify areas for improvement.

The wellbeing funding will be used to develop and implement new local and national initiatives that will support the outcomes we want for our international students across all pillars of the Wellbeing Strategy – economic wellbeing, education, health wellbeing, and inclusion.

This process will ensure the Wellbeing Strategy is implemented in a way that is flexible, dynamic, responsive to need and will make a real difference to the experience all international students have in New Zealand.


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