Tertiary provider pulls out of business programmes

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The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is assisting International College of Auckland (ICA) to transfer about 80 international students to a high-quality tertiary provider, after a voluntary withdrawal of accreditation by ICA.

This voluntary withdrawal of accreditation relates to the following programmes offered by ICA: NZIM Diploma in Management (Level 5); NZIM Diploma in Management (Advanced) (Level 6); National Diploma in Business (Level 5) and New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6).

Deputy Chief Executive (Quality Assurance) Dr Grant Klinkum said that routine monitoring by NZQA identified quality assurance issues in relation to ICA’s assessment and moderation of these programmes.

Voluntary withdrawal

As a result of these issues, ICA opted to undertake a voluntary withdrawal of its accreditation of these courses with the assistance of NZQA, he said.

“NZQA, ICA and the new provider have ensured students are fully informed and are working together to provide a transition package that allows these students to continue their studies with a full package of learning and support. ICA is subject to conditions on two other programmes it offers, the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5) and Diploma in Business (Level 7), and we will continue to monitor these programmes”, Mr Klinkum said.

He said that NZQA has a substantial programme in place to monitor programmes being offered by Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs).

Protecting students

“Where there is evidence that quality education has not been delivered with correct assessment, NZQA will intervene and take strong action. Our top priority is to protect students and ensure the integrity of their qualifications,” Mr Klinkum said.

Further information can be obtained on 0800-697296. Email: ICAstudent@nzqa.govt.nz

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