The courage to let go takes us forward

Praneeta Kochhar –Tales of yore-Praneeta Kochhar

The young ones in Nature always need to be nurtured and protected.

They always need the shield of love and care, so that they can grow in that environment, knowing they are safe.

It is the same with all beings in the Universe, and this bond is the most special of all, as it is one of unconditional love and selfless giving.

The older generation wants to share all the knowledge it has with the young ones.

They want to tell about the mistakes, about the hard times, about the fun and about the fears, and out of their love, want to safeguard the young ones from any trouble that might be waiting in their path.

Little imps

But the young ones are mischievous. They love to explore and getting in trouble is their second nature. They wander off to unknown territories, and the thrill of the unknown attracts them to newer challenges at every dawn.

While the wise look for safe havens, the young find magic in everything new, and even though both are looking for completely different experiences, they can find their synergy.

All they need to do is learn. They need to learn from each other and amalgamate both schools of thought, to move ahead in harmony.

The elders need to value the spirit to explore, and the ability to imagine and innovate newer things from newer perspectives, while the rebellious young minds need to learn the art of comprehending patiently and understand that experience is a great teacher.

The best scenario

Ideally, the best scenario, the one without conflict already exists in nature all around us.

All beings of nature, animals and birds, share the fundamental knowledge of survival with their young ones, and then they let them go, knowing that they are self-reliant.

Maybe that is something that we humans can also learn from every being around us- to let go. Because, the basic truth is, ‘Time moves forward-towards the future.’

The challenges of the times will always be new, and so we can’t go by our past experiences. Our knowledge may not be the best guide for our young ones as their times and their surroundings are very different from ours and the best thing we can really do for them, is just to let them explore their way, and figure out the best suited path, having faith that they have been taught well, and are now ready to take the flight of their dreams.

Praneeta Kochhar is a spirted writer on Nature and all good things around us. She lives in Hamilton.

Photo Caption: Left to itself, the bud blossoms.

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