The Green Party promise gets loud and clear

A Correspondent

Raj Pardeep Singh is Founder Principal of Legal Associates Barristers & Solicitors. His passion for law led him to establish Legal Associates in 2014 with his wife and Co-Founder Ashima Singh.

At Legal Associates, Raj specialises in all areas of Immigration Law, Immigration & Protection Tribunals, Judicial reviews at High Court, Ombudsman Office at Parliament, Immigration Minister Appeals and further deals in Criminal & Employment law and seeks to provide legal services to the ethnic communities and the general public.

He provides counselling and guidance to immigrants and is an active supporter of the Indian community as a sponsor for Indian events.

Home for Life

Raj has been selected a candidate for Manukau East from Green Party. Raj believes that Green party has the vision and plan for better New Zealand.

Raj will work towards to strengthen a national policy on enhancing clean and dry houses across New Zealand. “Home for life” will help the government to build more affordable houses for everyone. Rent to buy options will be available.

Raj will do his best to enhance equality in the society and work to implement a strong legal framework to maintain law and order.

The Green Party believes that it should be done by improving social justice in the society and providing education to Families and Communities.

Supporting SMEs

Raj will support small and medium scale businesses.

James Shaw, Co-Leader of the Green Party has wide experience in working and transforming economies to sustainable economies and he will lead the New Zealand Economy into the future to provide support for innovation and training people.

The Green Party will improve opportunities to bring migrants with families including parents to New Zealand. It will promote Visas for parents for temporary visas.

We believe that migrants, with families and parents, will make more productive contributions towards improving the prosperity of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Green Party wants to be a place that provides a warm welcome for immigrants, rejecting the racial stereotyping and profiling that is unfortunately common in politics.

Party priorities

Our priorities are to support people and tackle inequalities that leave too many Kiwis struggling to pay the bills.

We want to create a more equal society and a unique environment for our children and our grandchildren.

In the coming general election, the Green Party requests every voter to use their right to change the Government for a better and more progressive Green Government.

Call Hub

Raj was instrumental in establishing a Call Hub covering the electorates in South Auckland. The Hub, which has candidates and volunteers, connects with people, apprises them of the objectives and priorities of the Green Party and encourages them to exercise their franchise in the forthcoming general election.

“This is a great team effort. We connected with the constituents in the Manukau East and Mangere electorates. The Green Party is certainly growing bigger and gaining popularity in South Auckland. We are well focused on increasing the Party Vote. We firmly believe that Green Party is the only Party to provide quality leadership, promote economic growth and provide greater opportunities to migrants to become true partners in the country’s development,” Raj said.

Photo :

Raj Singh at the Call Hub of the Green Party in South Auckland

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