The Power of God transcends the dark world of evil

An Indian couple speak about their two decades of struggle and suffering

Venkat Raman

It is easy to discard Astrology, Faith Healing and ‘Evil Effects of Evil Eyes and Evil Doing’ as balderdash but the fact that prayers and offerings to God protect people from harmful people cannot be denied or discounted.

It is not that prayers to ‘discard evil’ are confined to older members of the community; there is an increasing number of young people who have implicit faith in the Power of the Prayer and there are several men and women who will vouch for the ‘destruction of the evil’ that haunted their lives.

Among them are Raj and Seema Bhardwaj of Auckland.

Two decades of anguish

For more than two decades the couple went through mental, emotional and financial hardships, without knowing that there was a shadow of evil cast on them.

“We know the person who perpetrated so much harm. That person is a family member. It has been a long and hazardous journey for both of us and we are thankful to our Astrologer (Captain Sekhar Wadke) who taught us the way out of our crises and the prayers that can help us to be removed from the evil clutches of the relative. At the centre of all these was a person,” Seema said.

This story was not born out of one meeting with the couple who were at a time helpless. This is the result of more than two months of meetings, discussions and interviews that this writer had with them, to ensure that there was fact and not fiction; and to establish the significance of the Good vanquishing the evil.

“I have never seen Raj happy in all the 21 years of our married life as I am seeing him over the last three months. He has experienced nightmares literally and I was a silent observer and sufferer. However, even at the thick of problems, we did not allow our children to become victims. It was after we were sure that the evil has been eradicated from our lives that we decided to contact Indian Newslink,” Seema said.

The beginning

Seema, an Indo-Fijian by origin was born in New Zealand and it was in 1996 that she met Raj Bhardwaj, who had arrived in New Zealand. Seema was a tertiary education student at the time. They fell in love and decided to commit themselves to life as partners.

“It happened quickly and my parents wanted me to think over and be assured. My father did not object to our wedding but thought that we should have waited a little longer and understand each other better before bonding ourselves in matrimony. But they both reconciled to the reality and blessed us,” Seema said.

The couple rented a house in East Auckland and started their married life.

“A few months after our marriage (October 1996), we went to India. The person about whom I had mentioned earlier followed us, unbeknown to us of her evil intensions. Life was to take a difficult and nasty turn,” Seema said.

“I returned to New Zealand after six months of stay in India and Raj remained there saying that he would follow later. We used to receive mysterious calls from a person whom we could identity, inquiring about Raj. They were beginning to spread rumours about him. The intention to create doubts in me, tension between us and force me to leave Raj. That was the beginning of everything bad,” Seema said.

Dark days begin

Raj returned to New Zealand in November 1997 after a year’s stay in India.

“There was something strange about him. He seemed withdrawn, nervous, lost in thoughts, and often appeared to be in a trance. I did not suspect anything at that time but it was disturbing to see Raj in that condition. He is an excellent person, loved me unconditionally but was slowly slipping away into a world of his own,” Seema said.

Raj said that he had always thought that they were being watched by someone.

“I could not make out who it was but I used to warn Seema that ‘someone has cast their evil eye upon us.’ I was being told that my wife was unfaithful. I did not of course believe any of these but I could feel that I was being slowly drawn into a cobweb of mystery and mental torture. I did not realise that the worst was yet to come,” he said.

Seema mentioned of an incident, which intensified her fear of the lurking evil.

Strange incidents

“On two occasions, the rubbish that we had left in front of our house for collection went missing. Someone had taken it away deliberately and left it back after a couple of days. This happened twice and we complained to the Police. They visited our house and told us to inform them if this happened again,” she said.

Raj mentioned that he often felt that someone was holding him down.

“This used to happen during my sleep. A woman would push me down with both her hands preventing me from getting up,” he said.

Raj continued in his job and from time to time, Seema would accompany him to their doctor to have him examined for he seemed to lack interest in anything he did. The medicines prescribed by the doctor did not seem to work.

Meanwhile, Raj established his own truck business, which began to flourish. Seema would help him in his enterprise, and it became highly profitable. Soon, the operation accounted for two trucks and two other vehicles. Cash flow was good and the couple purchased two properties in South Auckland.

Police Recruitment

It was in 2007 that Raj wanted to give vent to his ambition of becoming a Police Officer. His application was rejected by the Police Recruitment Authority since there were complaints and statements made against him by a person named ‘Seema.’

“I challenged their decision to decline his application and after investigation, the Police said that it was a case of mistaken identity and that there was no complaint against Raj. This incident demoralised him further. However, even today he is hopeful of joining the Police Force,” Seema said.

Disaster strikes

There was tsunami in their lives in 2008 as Raj once again lost concentration on anything that he did- from business to being a husband and father, he seemed lost. The trucking business went downhill and crashed.

“We lost everything and suddenly all that we faced was a pile of debts. It was frightening and deadly,” Seema said.

Despite all the hardships, Raj and Seema stuck together as a couple and as a family. They have – three sons and a daughter. They are Aman (18), Dilan (15), Pawan (7) and Anuksha (8), who they adore and have raised them well.

“Raj has given me four beautiful children. We lost our fifth child because of these problems. The stress was taking its toll on both of us,” Seema said.

Raj and Seema started a cleaning business in 2013, which was looking good. However, children needed attention and hence Raj took up taxi business.

Astrologer advises

A few months ago, Raj and Seema visited Captain Shekar Wadke, a highly respected Astrologer based in Auckland. A man of learning and a master of the Science of Astrology, he quickly grasped the situation and taught them prayers that would pull them out of the mess.

“We are very thankful to this great Astrologer. He taught us the Power of Prayer, what to chant and when to chant. All that he required of us was honesty, concentration and unshakable faith. With his guidance, Raj began to come out of his depression and trance. I have never seen him as confident as he is now. We continue our prayers and we are now certain that the evil effects have gone from our family.

“The Power of God and the effect of surrendering to Him unconditionally cannot be questioned. I do not care what people say about Astrologers. There are genuine people in this country and they show us the right way,” Seema said.

Captain Wadke told Indian Newslink: “Every prayer must be performed by the person concerned, except when the person is a child, a pregnant woman, a person on the battlefield and a person on the deathbed. In all other cases, the effect of prayer is when chanted by the concerned individual.”

We will carry articles from Captain Wadke in ensuing issues.


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Raj and Seema Bhardwaj with their children

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