The Prophet teaches power of Prayer

People have generally forgotten the power of dua.

Translated, dua literally means ‘Calling.”

We live in a technology-driven world and hence people have become arrogant.

They believe that they have become masters over their own destinies and that dua is ineffective.

On a personal note, I thank everyone who prayed for the welfare and long life of my wife who was taken critically ill recently.

Personal experience

If I may relate the happenings, on a Tuesday in January 2010, the doctors treating my wife called the family for a conference, telephoned my son in Australia, held a video conference and gave us the sombre news that she was sinking and that she would die either that evening or the following morning.

The doctors said that if she pulled through on her own, she may live for three more weeks. They wanted our consent to discontinue treatment.

My son pleaded with them to continue medication for another 24 or 48 hours and that they could do what they proposed if she did not pull through.

An hour later, they brought a specialist and she too related the same story before my wife. I told them that life and death are in the hands of Allah and when the time comes, no one can stop. Nevertheless, we kept vigil in the hospital for three long days, making all the recitations.

Masha Allah, on the third day, she bounced back and became an object of wonder in the whole ward. They could not believe that she was moving around with a walker. This, I believe, was the answer of Allah to all our prayers.

Praise be to Allah, she is recovering marvellously well.

Disbelievers vanish

I thank Allah and all of you for your special duas and words of consolation.

This should convince us that dua is the most beneficial type of medicine for healing. It is therefore the enemy of illnesses and affliction.

Our Prophet said, “Dua is the weapon of the believer, the pillar of the deen and the light of the heaven and earth.”

There is a saying, “You will never find a disbeliever on a sinking ship.”

This is exactly the same message we find in the Holy Quran: When man realises his weakness in the face of a mighty storm, then he knows only Allah can save him.

We must become slaves of Allah and show utter humility when making dua.

Allah mentions repeatedly that you should work for His pleasure.

But we do the opposite. The idea is to please Allah and not yourself.

If there is a delay in Allah answering our dua, then it is because of our constant wrong doings and wrong actions.

Allah responds

If however, you open the door by developing taqwa for Allah, then the response (to your dua) would arrive more quickly.

Dua is also a cure for illness. Aishah said, “Dua benefits those things that have occurred and have not yet occurred. For indeed while the tribulation is descending the dua meets it and they remain struggling with one another until the Day of Judgement.”

Allah says in the Holy Quran, “When my servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close to them: I listen to the dua of every supplicant when he calls on Me” (Surah Al Baqarah 186).

The place of dua is so high to Allah that Prophet Mohammed has said, “There is nothing nobler in the sight of Allah than dua.”

The Prophet also said, “Ask Allah for everything, even the lace of your shoes.”

So make dua for everything you want, no matter how big or small. And let no one say, “My Lord would not answer my dua, because of this and that.”

Indeed Allah is the Most Generous King.

Our beloved Prophet said, “Indeed, Allah is Shy and Beneficent. He is Shy when His servant raises his hands to Him (in a dua) to return them empty, disappointed!” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Al Tirmidhi, ibn Majah).

Dua is the weapon of a believer. It will protect you from the evils of enemies.

Dua is the shield of a believer. It will increase your sustenance.

Dua is more forceful than a sword.

Dua replaces what has been destined and creates what has not been destined.

Dua is a form of ibadat.

Dua removes both the present suffering and that which will come down later.

Dua and sufferings challenge each other until the Day of Judgment, and dua comes out victorious.

Whoever knocks on a door persistently will be allowed to enter.

If you keep on knocking the door of Divine Mercy, sooner or later it will be opened for you.

Where there is dua, there is hope. It should always be your pot of shining gold at the end of the rainbow, your hope in times of despair, your silver lining in every dark cloud.

Source: Rocket Science is a monthly newsletter produced by the Mount Albert Islamic Trust.

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