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Humans are dreamers. Our dreams take us to places we have never been, and help us achieve things that seem impossible in the world of logic.

Years ago, people talking on the telephone was a fantasy, but today, mobile phones have become smarter, and are taking over the communication and audio-visual industries with a bang.

Freudian Philosophy

There are many notions in different cultures about dreams and their interpretation. Father of psychology, Dr Sigmund Freud based his school of thought on human dreams and their interpretation.

While the views on dreams and their interpretation have been varied, no one has ever refuted them as irrelevant.

We have all seen, admired and witnessed many dreams coming true, in our own lives as well as that of others.

Dreams work

But one fact always prevails- dreams do come true.

But how do they work? Are dreams a part of our intuitive ability, or a future vision that we have, or are they a mere manifestation of our desires? Is it just a matter of wishing upon a star, or is it a true calling of our soul?

The questions are many, and the possibilities are endless.

Parallel World

I believe that a dream is nothing but a reality of a parallel world. A world where you either want to be, or where you have already been.

But, Dreams are also a funny reality. They show us a world that we never knew existed, and it makes our mind work towards it.

They show us a vision and suddenly it all looks more real than the world we live in. They reveal our deepest desires, and express our worst fears, yet they are mere illusions. The dream world is more real than the world we live in, as it is the world created by us. It shows us what we truly want, how we truly feel and what we really want to say.

Dreams guide your path and help you in understanding your deepest expressions. And it is only in dreams, that we truly live and express.

So, the question now is, “Which is truly the real world?”


Praneeta Kochhar is a young thinker who writes on subjects that we only dream about and fear to dwell. She lives in Hamilton.

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