Two veterans join Bank of Baroda Board

Venkat Raman

Auckland, October 11, 2017

Two professionals, each with a record of achievements in their respective fields, have joined the Board of Directors of Bank of Baroda (NZ) Limited to strengthen its operations and accentuate its growth and expansion.

Anupam Srivastava recently assumed charge as Managing Director of the Bank which has three branches in New Zealand, two in Auckland (Mt Eden and Manukau) and one in Wellington. He arrived from India last month for a three-year tenure, succeeding Prahlad Gupta, who has returned to the Bank of Baroda, the parent Company in India.

He is the fourth Managing Director on deputation from Bank of Baroda, since the Bank established its operations in New Zealand nine years ago.

Vijay Goel, a Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor with an impeccable record of service in a variety of financial and business matters, joined the Bank’s Board yesterday (October 10, 2017) as an Independent Director, following the completion of formalities. He brings with him about 30 years of experience enriched by financial compliance knowledge that has proved to be useful to hundreds of businesses.

Marathon Enthusiast

An avid banker, keen to optimise customer satisfaction, Mr Srivastava has worked for Bank of Baroda in Gujarat and Mumbai in a decade-long career that has seen him as a trainer, Credit Manager and Branch Manager.

He has been an ardent participant in marathons in India and hopes to run in the Auckland Marathon next year.

“We hope to render banking services with Kiwi Professionalism blended with Indian Hospitality. Our USP is the Service Orientation. Our Auckland Branch is open on Saturdays to cater to the requirement of customers. We also facilitate opening of NRE and NRO Banking Accounts,” he said.

Free Remittance to India

Mr Srivastava said that the Bank is known for its remittance service to any branch of any bank in India free of charge irrespective of the number of transactions at the most competitive exchange rate.

“As well as offering higher rate on deposits and home and business loans on attractive terms, our Bank’s Debit card is accepted at all EFTPOS terminals. The cash withdrawal facility at all ATMS is free,” he said.

Compliance Specialist

Vijay Goel’s appointment as an Independent Director of Bank of Baroda in New Zealand comes at a time when the tax and financial realm is becoming tougher with stringent compliance and reporting standards.

Small, Medium and Large Companies that have had the benefit of his services and advice are known for financial discipline, sound management practices, accountability and transparency. They rate well with Inland Revenue and other government agencies that require impose strict compliance procedures.

Our Reader & Friend

Mr Goel has been a friend and reader of Indian Newslink for more than 16 years and has been a great supporter of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards and Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture. He enjoys the confidence of regulatory authorities in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, United States of America and other countries where he has corporate, industrial and individual clients.

Mr Srivastava said that directors of the Bank are known for their high level of integrity and professional competence.

“Mr Goel is a reputed practising Chartered Accountant and would add value to the Bank, especially in Audit and Control areas,” he said.

Specialist Skills

He has acquired specialist skills and experience in advising offshore banks, trusts and other entities. He is also an experienced Managing Director with proven experience of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in negotiations, Business Planning, Analytical Skills, Banking, and E-commerce, Mr Goel will be an important player in the growth and development of Bank of Baroda in New Zealand.


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