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Roshan Nauhria

The New Zealand People’s Party (NZPP) is a relatively new political party.

Formed in 2015, the Party now boasts of large Indian and Chinese branches.

While we would like to represent all of New Zealand, it is no secret that we are particularly dedicated to bringing attention to the causes and concerns that are important to our communities.

Our goal is to take the voices of our communities to the debating chamber in Parliament.

And to make a meaningful change, we need to be able to work with whomever is the largest Party.

Sharp Focus

New Zealand has an MMP Parliament, so that means parties like ours stand a better chance of reaching Parliament and our communities better represented.

For now, we are keeping our focus narrow so that our policies can be enacted by the government without them having to change theirs.

While not everyone may agree with this approach, we believe that it gives us the best shot at affecting the meaningful and lasting changes our people need.

Too often, we are kicked around by other political parties as some sort of vote-grabbing football, and talked about like we do not matter.

Shifting the conversation

NZPP seeks to change that, shifting the conversation from one that is about us to one this is with us.

As we grow as a Party, so will our regional programmes, initially to include all the major centres and then eventually beyond that.

Passionate people wanted

We need passionate people who want to make a difference in their community and be involved with the party. We have a brand-new website where people can sign up for updates, join the party and sign up to volunteer.

We recently became an officially registered political party with the Electoral Commission and that allows us to campaign for the Party Vote in the election this year.

Reaching the threshold

While reaching the required 5% threshold is an ambitious goal for any new party, it is one we believe that we are capable of reaching. To do this, we need everyone to ensure that they are enrolled to vote in this year’s General Election.

For those who have not yet registered, enrolment can easily be done on the Electoral Commission website.

For us, this election is about stamping out the intent on the political landscape.

NZPP’s plan on being around for a long time and we can only do that if we build up off a solid foundation.

We plan on giving you a viable alternative to the mainstream parties.

Shared Values

We believe that the values of the NZPP are the values shared by all New Zealanders, from all backgrounds, from all walks of life.

We want a strong, prosperous country that protects the security and safety of everyone while looking after those most vulnerable.

Helping our younger generations have the best education we can provide and leaving them an environment in which they can flourish and grow.

Every New Zealander is entitled to live in a warm, dry, healthy home.

Transparent and Open

NZPP is an open and transparent political party. We want to be the true voice of this multi-cultural, diverse nation. Connect local communities, and engage the leaders of ethnic and cultural backgrounds in the democratic process. Devise innovative solutions for the betterment of the society.

Politics can be confusing and intimidating to many, and this has been a barrier to many in our immigrant communities participating in New Zealand’s democracy.

Giving all New Zealanders an equal opportunity to participate in the governance of the country is akin to giving them an opportunity to participate in the success of the country.

Roshan Nauhria is the Leader of the New Zealand People’s Party and a senior Community Leader with a long-standing record of service.

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