Visa changes tough on employers says Immigration Advisor

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Auckland, December 19, 2018
Changing one list for another list does not really help regions fill job vacancies says David Cooper, a Licenced Immigration Consultant and Director of Malcolm Pacific Immigration.
Editor’s Note: Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway called for public consultation on his government’s proposed changes to Visa Application Process in respect of migrant workers on Monday, December 18, 2018. You can have your say until March 18, 2019. For details, please read our relates story on our web edition ( and on Facebook and Twitter.
Mr Cooper said that Auckland is the economic hub of New Zealand and that its jobs are well promoted.
“The regions’ Chambers and economic agencies have to do a better job and get out and promote not only the jobs that need to be filled, but the fact their communities welcome new people to live and work there, he said.
The government’s proposed changes are to employer-assisted temporary work visas that would see a regional skills shortage list replace the essential skills in demand list.
“The changes also cover new agreements with industries that rely heavily on migrant labour. Employers will have better access in return for a commitment to employ and train more New Zealanders in the long term,” Mr Cooper said.
“Nonsense Proposal”
He said that in a country with such a low unemployment rate it is a nonsense to think employers are looking to migrants over the possibility of employing New Zealanders.
“I wonder if the Government is placing the same expectation on its own Ministry of Education, which is seeking to bring in 800-900 teachers from overseas to fill existing vacancies,” he said.

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